Ladies knitted sweater brand Simplee Аpparel

I guess if you are somehow involved in the culture of shopping in AliExpress or any other Chinese retailer, you just happened to meet with women’s clothing this model this model (and maybe specifically with this jacket!).

Surround, delightful knitted sweater for women! To say that I love it – nothing to say. If you buy any products from clothes from the brand Simplee Apparel, it is best to do directly on their official page in Aliexpress here. So you just bought the original and will be protected from any kind of fraud. In addition, their prices are always lower than any «Resellers» in the same Ali.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Material and my feelings
  3. Conclusion and where to buy
  4. Video


Absolutely not shines, my height is 161 cm – he’s clearly in the zone. I think the girls above, it will be just below the waist. Comes in one size.

A single word is to be given to the sleeves, because all the buzz of this product in them. Tips are specially tapered and equipped with thread-rubber bands to prevent the loss of volume. Agree, if they were just straight cut – it had raisins. But, be warned, they are almost impossible to roll up, because do not stick, except to turn the inner part of the inside out (as shown in photo # 2 (photo from the same archive)). Otherwise no complaints to him there.

Keep in mind that it is very warm. Knitted, collar broad stripe long sleeves.

Inside specified tag-name “Simplee”. All flat seams, threads sticking out was not.

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The order was quite long – about a month, but expectations are! Here, of course, more the case in the Russian Post, which tossed the item almost 2 weeks from one sorting point to another, for the suppression of borders of Russia from this purchase took about 18 days (by the standards of the Chinese market – quickly enough). By the way, the delivery was carried out free service, ePacket, the sweater cost me about$ 15. The smell was not, the goods were well packaged, the label hung full tag, what happens with things from the stores.

Material and my feelings

Worn nice, no feeling of a burning sensation or desire to scratch causes. Composition 100% acrylic as described by the seller. I wash it in the washing machine, and it outwardly, it does not harm (what is expected for synthetic material). You can still buy just to order the machine to remove the pellets from 220V. Be sure to work from the network, because Batareinaya power anything really is not enough.

Disadvantage of it is that it rolls a bit when worn, but it will behave almost any thing from acrylic or even, for example, made of wool – it is peculiar to them.

Is perfect with skirt and with pants – universal. If desired, it can even be put on a bodycon dress, it will still be a viable option.

Conclusion and where to buy

In General, this is probably all I wanted to tell you about this amazing brand and his product. Once again, if you are interested in them, order only brand on Aliexpress here, not third-party sellers on the same site.

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A little about my purchases

I often something to gain in China, I love this process and exactly engaged in the selection of goods. Of the latest, I purchased a hair piece barrette and natural kanekalon braids in. If you don’t know, kanekalon is almost a new Japanese invention, the quality could compete with the natural hair, and in some ways has its advantages. In particular, they can be painted.

Of course, to care for a «hair» you need special tools. I use three-finger with a Curling iron Kemei for curlsthat also took in China. In General, if you choose wisely, you can always be satisfied with the ratio price-quality.

And they say that we are waiting for quite cold winters and need to prepare for it. I’m studying here!))