Kuznetsova applicator — pad LaGuerir

My mom almost her whole life with back problems: pain, hernia, multiple operations.

Now explicitly there is no problem, but I know that working day on their feet, given her very hard and after several hours of running around working her back requires a quality relaxation.

Elektromassazhery for her condition, so I turned my attention to the massage mini-mats LaGuerir that can be used anywhere and anytime.

Mats similar to this, earlier present almost in every family. Just called this Mat is not some beautiful overseas the word, and just — Applicator Kuznetsova.

For those who are «in the tank», briefly: this is a device for lazy self-massage in the form of a Mat with built-in it small needles, which act on points of the human body.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Equipment
  3. Quality and how to apply
  4. Overview
  5. Contraindications
  6. Opinion

Where to buy

Now we have all heard is quite popular Latvian brand engaged in the production of these rugs.

I regularly meet him is on the Internet, in social networks – among our domestic and foreign celebrities.

Frankly, I very in detail studied their website, products and its research and, in truth, badly burned and was ready to make a purchase.

Stopped me, as always, she – TOAD who violently choked and couldn’t understand how some of the needle Mat can cost 15 000,00 rubles!?

Deciding not to hurry with the purchase, and study a little bit the market I as always saved Aliexpress. Found the same set: Mat + pillow + carry bag for storage and transportation for the price, the attention — 1500 rubles – almost 10 times less branded kit!

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Before you buy, of course, have studied in detail information of the seller, compared the photos, read all customer reviews, which realized that the Chinese set working and really not very different from the highly touted brand.

The seller represented as 8 colors of mats LaGuerir, and there is the possibility of sending Russian warehouse. Ordered on Ali here.

I chose the blue color and since this color was available in Russia, to St. Petersburg, my parcel came in just 6 days. I bought a set without a bag, so the set cost me even cheaper than previously announced amount is only 1350 rubles.

It was Packed securely, came without any damage, color, and content correspond to the image on the site, odor was not – everything was perfect.

Mom such a gift was just freaking out and has been for half a year still continues for it thanks.


Included: rug 67 x 42 cm, the pillow is 37 x 15 x 10 cm, mini English manual. Item fabric cotton, high quality, no loose threads, and puffs.

Quality and how to apply

Pad Velcro, the filler – foam rubber — easy to pull out and as needed to carry out the washing products. Pillow-cushion with zipper-invisible, very comfortable.

To touch the applicator Kuznetsov is average, not hard not soft to lie down comfortably, nothing fails and not prominaetsya. Although, here I dissemble, about comfort can not be no speech).

At least for beginners, first use of such therapy. My first application it was so painful that I was unable to continue and stood up literally after 10-15 seconds.

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Addiction is gradual, each time a massage increases and, as far as I know, many people no longer feel any discomfort and may even doze off.


For all usage time there has been the following advantages:

  • Flexibility in the application. You can lie on the bed and on the floor. The difference, of course, there is: the second option needles sticking into my back much harder;
  • Several types of massage: head, feet, back, thighs, buttocks, feet. Confidentially speaking, regularly sitting on this Mat for 15 minutes, you can even reduce your cellulite! It also helps to get rid of insomnia, headaches and spinal pain, helps to relax and to recharge for the day;
  • Quality glue plastic circles, needle-over six months of use no applicator are not peeled off;
  • Of the minuses I would point out only one – the lack of detailed instructions in Russian language. Therefore, in order not to hurt yourself, I advise you to read more about acupuncture massage and rules of use of such medical substrates in the network.


Be sure to check the contraindications! Pregnancy, cancer, thrombosis, eczema, psoriasis, burns and this is not a complete list of diseases in which the use of Mat is prohibited.


It should be noted that this is undoubtedly one of the best quality, useful and best of my purchases. Besides, it’s a good investment of their money, because a set of gentle treatment will treat your back and will serve you and your family forever!

Again, bought on Aliexpress from this seller. He has a lot of variants and colors, and he also is the official supplier of this brand LaGuerir — these applicators are Kuznetsova.

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