Korean cosmetics — cream from Holika Holika

In her almost 23 years, I realized that it is time to take care of skin «in full». Korean cosmetics became very popular in Russia, and, of course, this trend has not bypassed my raging curiosity. The most important step in face care (as they say beauticians) is the cleansing that is regular washing.

It so happened that I accidentally saw in the Internet soap for face from Korean firms Tony Moly and Holika Holika, and had a lot of videos on YouTube and also many testimonials from those who used this products.

Videos I did not watch, you can say that I «seduced» a creative design of small eggs in a cute cardboard box.

Due to the fact that Koreans love the natural composition and, most likely, because the cosmetics from famous Asian firms are very popular, this pleasure is very expensive: two eggs, a little more than quail, cost me about $ 9, plus shipping, bought here.

In upakovke

Recently, going to one of the stores of Korean cosmetics we have in the city, I saw that these eggs are 990 rubles. It is cheaper to book through a Chinese seller, which I did, buying a product with red clay from Holika Holika.

The seller who sells Korean cosmetics aliexpress «Best Beauty for You» works with a very awkward delivery by China Post.

China post is the inconvenient fact that shipping is very expensive, as well as the track in any order and have not been able to trace, even on the official website of the China mail. Therefore it is necessary to hope only for luck, but the seller sends the goods immediately and the package of eggs came quickly in Tomsk: ordered on March 2 and it’s already the 25th of the same month.

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Also shop the «Best Beauty for You» always puts a few samples, which is very nice.

As for the product, the «fragrant» from Holika I really liked it, probably will order it again and again.

There are four versions of this product for different skin types:

  • White classic of all types;
  • With black charcoal for oily skin;
  • With green tea for dry and combination;
  • Red clay for combination.

And my choice fell on the latter option, as I thought he was perfect for me. But next time I will order the black because, judging by the reviews, it has a stronger effect.

In any case, for those who can’t decide, you can buy a large box from the company Holika Holika with all four types and see exactly how something will be suitable for your skin type.

Very pleased that it is not a fake and came straight from Korea. Each egg is Packed in a film which contains a sticker with an inscription «handmade».

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  2. Where to buy
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My opinion, like from a real user with optom:

I use Egg Soap morning and evening, and that’s what stayed with me after two weeks of use:

I think that this product will last about two months. Soap forms a thick and rich foam, it’s nice to wash my face. And it is softer than usual, but still dries the skin a bit. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends to use a moisturizer immediately after application.

Also can be used as a mask or a gel causing a rich foam on the face for 10 minutes. The only thing not to like it all, it’s the smell that reminded me of liquid for soap bubbles. This is due to the reluctance of producers to use chemicals for odor and maximize the effect of natural ingredients.

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The manufacturer promises the saturation of the skin with minerals and vitamins and hydration that is not characteristic for soap.

Effects that I noticed after two weeks of use:

  • Soap really tightens pores as promised by the seller. I was very pleased;
  • After application of the face is very clean, but «Shine» in the T-zone for some time still;
  • It cleans the pores, but can not cope with black dots. So I will try to order the black version.

Overall I am very satisfied, but should order a set of the four species to understand which type suits you!

Where to buy

Update from November 2018: This soap is in this version no longer produced. You can buy the FULL CHINESE COUNTERPART and at a lower price here. It is really of the same quality, only in a simple and inconspicuous packaging and in a standard form factor.

I bought on Aliexpress here at this seller:

See the goods and the current price at Aliexpress >>

Better if the delivery will be directly from Korea. Actually, I think it is always better to order directly from manufacturers, as in our ordinary and online shops you can buy a fake that’s made in a nearby town, in the basement of some warehouse.

By the way, forgery is very easy to distinguish from the original: look closely at the print packaging. If she faded and blurred, or visible pixels means fake 100%. The company Set does not skimp on beautiful package.


This is a video about the set that I recommended for your first purchase:

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