Kits for diamond embroidery with Aliexpress

Like to do all kinds of needlework and one on Aliexpress saw the diamond embroidery, but rather the whole sets for her. The range on the site is large, ranging from small embroideries with incomplete filling for kids, finishing a large painting for adults.

The theme, as they say, for every taste and color. It was hard to choose, but since winter is coming and new year holidays, we stopped at winter forest landscape with bullfinches.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality and composition of the parcel
  3. How to assemble and embroider
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

The price on the website happy diamond embroidery size 35 to 25 cm. cost me about$ 9 here on this page Ali, while in the normal store cost from$ 20 for this size. But not only that, the store is more expensive and there is too much choice, 2-3 pictures and all.

Made the order, paid through Yandex-money and after 3 weeks received the precious parcel.

The quality and composition of the parcel

Diamond embroidery was well Packed, nothing ready, not lost, the seller honestly put.

Equipment. The set was the painting itself with an adhesive layer ( size 35 by 25 cm.), bags with rhinestones (small acrylic stones with faces), detailed graphical instructions on the adhesive substance pink, tweezers, a special pencil for drawing on a picture of the rhinestones and the green pan, which need to be emptied.

To do embroidery very easily, because the painting is already done the scheme on which to hang so even one who is confronted for the first time, quickly sorted out. On the right side of the canvas there is a table with the signs that correspond to certain characters of this painting.

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Almaziki in my embroidery round colors was about 30. Marriage gets very little, most often it is just pieces of raw plastic. Adhesive reliable, so it is not come unstuck.

How to assemble and embroider

Did slowly, like an hour or two a day and within a week the embroidery was finished. Yes, takes time! The village is five minutes — an hour and a half flew by! A place to find.

It is best for a Desk, of course, with good lighting. The work, though painstaking, but the result is worthy, and the activity itself is very addictive, just wish I had more free time, the embroidery was ready early.

I must buy a frame and hang it on the wall. The image shimmers and sparkles with every huh, especially in the sun. With regard to materials, what’s left is a bunch of extra rhinestones and a lot of glue).

And most importantly, the picture turned out exactly as I expected. Ie the criterion of expectation – reality — 100% hit.


Definitely, I will be ordering more, it’s cheap, and efficiently, quickly, and beautifully decorated interior. The following picture want to buy for the kitchen, so I will choose something with fruit. Now I have a new hobby. Once again, I bought this kit diamond embroidery on Aliexpress here. I can also advise NEWACALOX hot glue gun and a sewing machine FHSM-505.

Thank you for your attention! Good luck in shopping!