Kitchen scale WH-B05

I have a big family and cook often and a lot, each time coming up with something new. Sometimes you just can’t do without a small kitchen scales because recipes are known to contain certain proportions. Previously always cooked «by eye», which entailed a lot of culinary mistakes, so I firmly decided to buy yourself a gadget for the kitchen.

Originally, have checked the local sites, was horrified at the prices and went in search of my desired product on your favorite shopping site Aliexpress.

The contents

  • Price and delivery
  • Overview
  • Instruction and calibration
  • Opinion
  • Price and delivery

    Before ordering, I reviewed a bunch of different options of scales on Ali, and there are hundreds of them. Focusing on models, decided to choose the seller. Were at the point in which the price was slightly lower than the other. Read reviews of previous clients and also reviews about other products this merchant. Ratings has decent, so I decided to take.

    The order is made on the last day of summer, and got only 16 days at the local post office. Paid for the product is $ 8, but today the price has declined slightly. Although, you can check the value today, here:

    Sent the order the seller 4 days, it would be faster. Packaging that is called «lame», I do not see how those poor weights managed to survive. Chinese Packed in a simple zip pack without anything. However, the scale arrived in one piece without a scratch, apparently the body of the product is very reliable!


    As I wrote above, opening the package, I was surprised that my new assistant unharmed. By reviewing from all sides, twisting, turning, I was delighted. There was no backlash, no creaking, and the appearance is fully consistent with the inventory on the item card. The only negative – the absence of batteries in the kit. In the review of the goods on Aliexpress, the seller of this moment is not indicated. Though, like the batteries are prohibited to send via airmail, as they can explode from the temperature difference and the pressure in the cargo compartments of the aircraft.

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    Themselves electronic scales small size and fit in the palm. Designed for weighing up to 5 kg with an accuracy to the gram. Has a round shape of the weighing platform. Since the platform itself is small, it is cumbersome to weigh food or put the pan uncomfortable, is completely covered by the dial. To get out of the situation, I have these products put in the Cup or bowl, after learning her weight, then subtract it.

    Instruction and calibration

    Under the weighing platform is dial, and it’s only two buttons. The first button turns on and off the scales, and the second (Unit) is designed to change the parameters of the weighing.

    Possible measurements:

    • Pounds;
    • Ounces;
    • Pounds.

    For calibration you need to find the exact weight of 200 grams, put on the included scales and if they show a weight different from the weight weights, you need to press and hold both buttons for 5 seconds. After that the display shows exactly 200 grams. It seems simple, that’s just a weight to find today difficult.

    That’s all manual))). More and say there is nothing for other controls there.


    Weights remained megalomania. Although they are inexpensive and small in size, but perform their functions with enthusiasm. Not an ounce of regret that I bought such a useful gadget for the kitchen. Now I’m thinking about buying this coffee maker. Again, bought here: