KingDian SSD P10 Portable

Your external media KingDian P10 I bought on the GearBest website. This is about the same as Aliexpress, but there’s no need to choose among the many sellers, it is a single store and they are sending from their own warehouses.

Another advantage to buy it on Giresta is a guarantee of originality. In this case, I was fully confident that I will come true KingDian SSD P10 Portable, and not fake.

Yes, Yes! Ali is now possible to buy a fake even Chinese brands are not known as the world or Samsung, say, ASUS, but still…

Take 240 Gigabytes here. There are more variations on 120 Gigs and… Only two I could find of the originals. On Aliexpress there are 500, but that is an obvious fake based on the price and reviews of Dissatisfied customers.

Many may ask: put a SSD on PCs and laptops instead of standard HDD for speed, and why is it needed externally to connect via USB?

There are two answers:

  1. Reliability! In SSD there is no spinning «pancakes», which can scratch, «fall», the bearing can seize and read head to deteriorate. In SSD only cells and they store ten times more reliable than the old classic hard-drive.
  2. Compactness! Agree, easier to put in a pocket camera, the size of a small cookie, bathed the size of a decent sandwich with sausage!)))

You can celebrate the quiet, low-power, style, and trendy, but most important to me from an external SSD is a reliable storage!

He is not afraid of the bumps and shaking within reasonable limits, very afraid of what HDD, so for travel or just carrying with you in pairs to the University or to work in the office is important too!

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Well, the last criterion for me was the trust KingDian. At least in the laptop and desktop home computer but I found it a few years ago and had no problems. One gave his friend to the DR.

Connect this device via USB cable Type-C and standard USB 3.0 . The wire in the kit.

Another additional feature is the magnetic hold Type-C connector inside. That is, when you start to enter in the plug wire some time later it pulls the magnet and even heard a small click. And thus, simply holding the cable does not place a load on the contacts. And no longer he can safely wear the cord as the cord.

Overall very happy with everything. Unlike flash drives with USB 3.0 and that USB Type-C, nothing cuts the speed of writing and reading, giving all the mighty speed of your SSD drive!

By the way, can be connected to a smartphone based on Android and enjoy high speed transmission, but will need to buy more wire on the micro or the TYPE — S. But I have the IPhone on iOS, so I’m not very important.

If desired, the housing disassembled, previously only have to remove the warranty sticker:

If you need more «powerful» storage of terabytes and above, there is no HDD can not do. By the way, you can see special Doc.station for two hard drives in 3.5 and 2.5 inch: here is a review on external enclosure with ATA and SATA interfaces and USB 3.0.

Well, this P10 KingDian SSD at 240GB I took on GearBest here on this page.

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