Kids plaid fleece

Child of 2.5 years, likes to sleep under a duvet or bamboo blanket. I decided to look for something cute, warm and fluffy on aliexpress. I immediately liked the bright plaid with owls fleece.

The price is very nice, bought for 804,44 R., free shipping, and took on Ali here. The seller has approved the order during the day. Goods sent on 10 October, took on the post in Moscow region on 12 November. The track is constantly monitored. The blanket was Packed in a plastic bag.

Stranger unpleasant smell after opening was not. The blanket was very soft, well stitched, no loose threads, very bright and soft. Size is fully consistent, measured with measuring tape.

Because of the synthetic material was worried that it would be strongly electrified, but nothing was observed. The child was ecstatic.

Even an adult is very pleasant to hide such an air blanket. Plaid can be used as bedspread for a child’s bed, will look great.

I was very nervous that the color and softness will be gone after washing, but nothing happened. Plaid brand has not lost its qualities.

I was pleased with this purchase, and most importantly, that the child very much. Again, ordered on this page on Aliexpress. Suggest more educational toys — Giraffe, baby clipper GL and grow beautiful and healthy!

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