Keyboard, aeromist and joystick 3 in 1 model I8 ms

This wireless «gadget» model i8 MS includes three devices:

  • Aeromist (or just the mouse for your computer, notebook, TV set-top box and all devices on Android);
  • Joystick for games on Android and Windows;
  • The keyboard in General for all devices that have USB or microUSB connectors.

I bought a TV smart STB Eachlink, but as you have seen above, suitable for lots.

A full keyboard has Russian and English letters, as on a conventional QWERTY PC keyboard — one to one. She I8MS is powered by battery, similar to ordinary telephones, can be repeatedly recharged. But always you can replace the batteries or the batteries are standard AA format (in common — «finger»).

Fit with PC or gadget using the included USB dongle standard, so to create and configure Bluetoth is not necessary. To connect to a tablet or smartphone will need a standard adapter USB — OTG (microUSB).

Very pleasant to the touch, plastic Softtouch illuminated buttons blue moonlight. Made in two colors: white and black.

Unfortunately, buy on Aliexpress will not work, because it’s not there in the directory. You can order at GearBest here. The same free shipping, warranty, support, but do not need to look at mass sellers like Ali. If you really want, you can look at the i8 model on this page Ali what is the difference in models is whether it is — I don’t know.

It has a full touchpad, analog notebook with support for gestures and multitouch at the same time. For example, using two fingers to enlarge the image or web page, skip/track videos on YouTube.

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Quick buttons are especially handy for managing Android. Quickly change the volume, open e-mail or a browser to return «Home» in the search or in the media player — no problem, everything is solved by pressing a special button. However, it seems they are not reprogrammed for other tasks.

All the rest see in the video below, it starts already with the correct time frame when the button is clicked works.