Kettle with whistle Galaxy

Decided to buy this kettle to replace a broken Galaxy. Picked up a great option on Aliexpress.

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  1. Where to buy
  2. Features
  3. Quality and convenience
  4. Opinion

Where to buy

The cost of this kettle is approximately 1320 rubles. Dripped in section Tmall here on this page, so shipping took only 5 days. Brought directly home by courier, pre-notified of the message and phoned on time delivery. Great.


  • Housing made of brushed stainless steel.
  • With whistle.
  • A volume of 3 liters.
  • Suitable for all hobs.
  • Plastic handle, top cover and cover whistle.
  • Weight 0.79 kg.

Quality and convenience

The Galaxy maker has a flared shape. The bottom is much wider than the neck. Due to this it heats up faster – the flames of even the largest burner does not go beyond the bottom, and thus heats the kettle to the maximum.

On the sides there is a decorative oval depressions. They steel shiny, not satin. And the case is made of brushed steel.

Satin steel is a class of polishing of steel, in which she looks polished, satin. This gives the kettle an expensive and classy look.

The handle is made of hard plastic imitating wood. This is a very nice color combination of cold steel and warm light wood. The extent of vivid and unhackneyed.

The handle is comfortable and does not slip. All plastic to the touch like suede, Matt.

The cover closes very firmly, so to open it you need to make the effort. This is done to ensure that all the steam went out of that whistle and the pressure was set whistle. The bottom of the cover is made of steel, the top covered with plastic with coloring under a tree as a pen.

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The Galaxy kettle is broad and short nose, which is covered by the whistle. The whistle can be opened using the button on the handle. Maker can use, without a whistle, if you need silence. He also offers to pour the water.

Whistles very loud, so forget about him is simply impossible.

To use the kettle comfortable. All parts are securely fastened and in a few months nothing broke. Once again, I bought on Aliexpress Tmall here. Still suggest a metal shaker for drinks and ceramic electric kettle Delta.