KETOTEK jewelry pocket scale with accuracy of 0.01

For my Hobbies numismatics I needed accurate jewelry scale. Stopped their choice on the scale «Mini digital jewelry» manufacturer Ketotek. I bought the scales at the end of March 2018 for 266 rubles with free shipping, ordered here on Aliexpress.

Shipping from China to Irkutsk took 24 days. The packaging was reliable. Fully wrapped several times with bubble wrap. The stated maximum and minimum weight is 200g. x 0.01 g. This weight is sufficient for work with coins.

The scales operate from two AAA batteries (mizinchikov). The size of the weighing platform 50mm to 55mm. This is enough to numismatics.

The contents

  • Electronic screen
  • Manual
  • Precision
  • Opinion
  • Where to buy
  • Electronic screen

    Bright LCD display with blue backlighting. Ketotek backlight turns on and off by the LIGHT button. Themselves scales lead in working condition by pressing the center ON/OF.


    You have the opportunity to Ketotek subtract the container during the measurement, pressing key TARE. During storage, the scales are covered with a plastic lid, which is very convenient for transportation and just carry in my pocket, and there is no dust during storage.

    There is also a mode selection units of measure (carats, pieces, oz, grams) Honestly did not know about these units, as there is no need.

    Have more keys PCS and UNITS and perhaps they are responsible for switching. The declared measurement accuracy of + 0.01 grams.


    Checked the accuracy of the coins from the Bank sealing, comparing weight according to the weight in the official directories. Differences were not observed.


    On the reverse side of the scale there are rubberized feet that prevent slipping on smooth surface. On the table the scales are surely. Hold them and if not why not loose, no squeaks. There is a sense of security. For almost seven months of regular use (2-3 times a week), the batteries never changed.

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    Paid off the scales with a vengeance in the second month when showed a discrepancy in the weight of the coin stated in the official catalog from the good ones which I wanted to buy like real.

    At the end weights are very satisfied. I am sure in reliability. Of the minuses were not clear instructions, but five keys as shown getting lost is difficult. Especially if three of them are intuitive.

    For frequent transportation, it is desirable to make them soft pouch. Kitchen scale as they are not suitable and as a gift to a coin collector, jeweler, or for personal work with small parts option is ideal.

    Where to buy

    Again let me remind you that the data bought jewelry scales on Aliexpress here. Ordered from China, came a little more than 3 weeks. Totally satisfied with seller and product quality of the company Ketotek.