Kemei straightening iron for curls

I think there is not enough time to pack. I was one of those. With the purpose somehow to save time, I decided to buy a triple Curling irons hair.

On the market they appeared not so long ago, so the price in retail stores is quite high (2-4 000 RUB.). To save time and money and try for it I went to the AliExpress website.

On the website these tongs are known as «3 barrel Curling iron hair». The price for them is constantly changing. About 2 months ago they were worth 1200r., and now — 910 R.

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  1. Equipment
  2. Features
  3. How to use
  4. Opinion
  5. Where to buy
  6. Video

I decided to order the most common on the website Aliexpress option: tongs with a triple Curling. These tongs I ordered on February 24 here. At that time they cost 1100 R. Here we will tell you about the seller.

This is probably one of the most responsive sellers I’ve seen on the site for 2 years that use it. Immediately after the payment he contacted me and said when you send the order. Right after you sent me the tracking number and additionally send the shipping information every 2-3 days. After 1 month and 1 week (3 April 2017) tongs arrived in the local post office (Ivanovo region).


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Curling iron for curls company Kemei was Packed in several layers of film, and heavy paper. Despite the packaging, it arrived safe and sound. In addition to the pliers in the package there are instructions for use and a special cloth for cleaning the surface of the plates.

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  • Power: 45 W;
  • Voltage: 110-220 V
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Weight: 400 gr.
  • Size: 33.5 x 8.2 cm
  • Cable length: 1.7 m

Due to its size and weight pliers enough to sit comfortably in the hand, therefore to cope with a wave of the hand. Heated Curling fast enough. In about a minute she warmed up to the desired temperature.

For Curling you can use one of two temperature regimes: 170 and 220 degrees. It will depend on a washed-up result. For example, if you turn the Curling iron on 220 degrees and hold it on your hair for about 30 sec, then the result is a larger wave or curl. And with mode 170 degree you can only get a barely noticeable wave.

How to use

Appearance near

Curl only with clean and dry hair, otherwise they can severely damage. Before Curling I make sure to clean the forceps with a special cloth, and then set the temperature, wait about a minute after power up.

Curling irons need to grab some hair and squeeze them for about 20-30 seconds. If curl is more thin and brittle hair, it is possible to reduce this time by 10 seconds. For fat, on the contrary — increased by 5-10 seconds. It is better to put next to a clock or stopwatch, count yourself is not the best option.



  1. Several temperature regimes. This allows you to not only curls, but also ripple or light barely noticeable curls.
  2. The speed of delivery
    Usually, my area parcels coming 2-3 months (sometimes never arrive). Delivery in 1 month only pleased me.
  3. The result
    Curling allows you to quickly, without damage to do a variety of curls that without special tools can be kept for 1-2 days (depending on hair type).
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  1. Cable length
    In fact, the size of the cable is 1.5 m, not 1.7 m as I wrote about this seller. Though this is a trifle, but in fact 20 see would not hurt.
  2. Packaging

Let the product came unscathed, but it would be better if the seller put it in the box. About 2-3 months ago he was sent the item in a special box (judging by the reviews with Ali), so I was upset when I saw only one package. Perhaps I should have asked when ordering to send it in a box.


For its small price I bought quality and easy to use the Curling iron. I think that in your local hardware store you could buy like forceps, which would differ only by packaging. However, to pay for it would have many times more.

Where to buy

You can search in the local stores of home appliances and cosmetics, but it is worth doing only if you need to make a hairstyle with curls and no time to wait. Although, you can always go to a Barber shop.

Always cheaper to order in Aliexpress with free shipping:

Here, for example >>

If at that time, when you look at this article it will not be sold on the button-the link above, try typing just this query:

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And then there is such Curling-uteach, you can order from the same seller: