Kemei km-2503 — electropica for heels and calluses

Electric nail heel for model Kemei km-2503 is designed to remove corns on feet, corns on feet, buffing of dead skin and for home pedicure.

Electrophile KEMA wonderful, it can replace several instruments at once! And the main plus is that it works from the mains and the internal battery and not from the batteries ever need to be changed or recharged. In addition, on 220 Volts it is much more powerful, and battery — weak electrophile.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Read more about the machine
  3. In the work
  4. An additional feature
  5. Replacement roller attachments
  6. 220V power cord and battery
  7. Device care and Use
  8. Conclusion

Where to buy

I ordered it on Aliexpress for $ 13 here on this page. Pleased that for Belarus, the shipping was free.

The cost of sawing is not only one electrophile, and the set consisting of: apparatus, brushes for cleaning, four grinding rollers and cord. Also, all this Packed in a convenient box, which in the future can be used continuously, and store the entire set.

My order was completed quickly, on the day of order it was sent. To Belarus the parcel was 38 days and the bar code tracked. No problems with delivery! I received the package at the post office. Everything came in safe and sound: box, bubble wrap, duct-taped and opaque tight cellophane.

Read more about the machine

— Without noise and dust.

In the work

Works electrophile for heels Kemei good, no pain felt: the skin does not scratch the sores creates. Since the kit includes: grinding rollers, they should immediately look closely – they are different.

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At first I didn’t notice it, and using the typewriter and wondered why one video quickly grind corn, and another a little longer. It turns out that there are videos of coarse-grained and fine-grained.

An additional feature

So, a coarse nozzle, as time for the treatment of heels and calluses, fine grain and convenient to do pedicures and to treat the heels, after work with another nozzle.

Is in electrophile Kemei and led lights, also a very handy feature. The backlight can be enabled, I personally have it easier, and you can handle the feet without it, for example, my mom is a big difference, not see: with light or without.

Replacement roller attachments

And again about them the most… Nozzles in the machine are changed quickly by a single touch large blue keys located on the side in the top of the apparatus.

Pressing her head gently pushed to the side, pull out it and insert a new one. For this, key is pressed again, inserted the nozzle and key it is necessary to release at this time, it is firmly fixed and can electric nail file to use it.

What I also liked in this electrophile Kemei, so that the nozzle – reusable. That is, one piece is enough for three to four times of intensive processing.

One roller and grinds the corn, and marigolds make a beautiful and heels are smooth and soft. At a time! And the nozzle will be ready for two or three such procedures, and only then it can be discarded. Just wears a granular layer and showed a white thick cardboard. To order replacement casters can here on Aliexpress.

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220V power cord and battery

This is another one of the many other pros in kopilochku this electrophile… electrical apparatus can work with a plugged in cord (plug it convenient, the European type), or without cord.

That is, if it is decided in the evening to go about their heels, in the morning you can turn on the blade Kemei recharge, and in the evening it is buzzing and work perfectly and the cord will not be confused and to interfere with the procedure.

By the way, the noise from it is negligible. If you compare that noise with something or someone, as a may beetle. In principle, the apparatus can be used at night, the neighbors won’t hear You.

Device care and Use

It is noteworthy that this ELECTROPILOT Kemei can be used in the bath. She is not afraid, vapor and moist air, it works perfectly.

The only rule is not to put pressure on electropica, and lightly touch the skin, otherwise replacement clip just breaks.

As the machine grinds the heel is a must see! On the floor will be a small bunch of dead cells!

After use, it is better to remove the grinding roller and brush machine brush. It is not necessary to wash with soap and water! It will break! Just remove the Horny layer of cells from under the roller, brush away brush and all. No problems with the care! A wonderful device!


Electrophile Kemei km-2503 does not work with wet skin, only dry. Therefore, it is not necessary to steam, before the procedure. Better to first Polish the heels, and then take a bath, enjoying the silky skin of the feet.

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To fully recharge the device, you will need ten hours or more hours. So, in the morning turn on the machine, and in the evening you can direct beauty.

To use the machine only on the heels and toes on the hands is impossible! On itself tried – will be hurt.

Roller nozzles can be purchased separately in a set to 12 pieces in one pack. Is it possible for one thing to buy, but I think it is not very convenient.

The result: feet are always ready for the summer season!

Again, bought electropulse for heels, pedicure and corns here at this link on Aliexpress. I can also recommend a comb-hair straightener Hair Fast and Rosalind database — home manicure set with cutters.