Kanekalon braids to

Daughter asked me for kanekalon. I must say that the bib had gone shopping, has analyzed the different proposals of the suppliers and Aliexpress and settled on this product. And here’s why:

  1. First, this stated kanekalon full length – 82 inches, which is about 208 see For comparison, in the offers of some suppliers length is 2 times smaller;
  2. Second, the weight of 165 g. of proposals other suppliers, kanekalon weight of 100 g and less. By weight it is possible to judge the density of kanekalon, the hair woven into a braid;
  3. Third, a large color palette. The store presents a selection kanekalon from 33 colors like natural shades, and fabulous: blue, pink, green, blue, Burgundy, turquoise and even bright yellow. Easy to choose exactly what you want, or match to your hair color.

Bought here from this seller on Aliexpress, I recommend it.

My daughter is 13, she wanted colored hair. But now the school year has begun and before the summer holidays is still very far away, and in school with hair like this is not exactly allowed. The unravelling every day is also not an option, it is labour intensive. Only from the principles of practicality we chose the natural color, 2-3 shades lighter than the native.

Fourth, this product has already bought more than 3,000 people, as evidenced by the mostly positive reviews.

Fifth, the seller provided price differentiable, that is, the more kanekalon the same color it you buy, the cheaper the cost per unit of product. We bought 2 pieces: the daughter and her girlfriend. Since girls have different hair color, and artificial hair, we also chose different colors. Discount in this case, the seller is not provided.

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Pretty pleased with the quick delivery – a little less than three weeks! Packed in a transparent bag and regular mail, even without the «luperci». Shipping is free, carried out by China Post Registered Air Mail. Quality kanekalon is also pleased. Was braided loose braid wide weave. Gift put 2 color bands and 2 round clips for woven. The clips are disposable, but still nice.

My review and how to weave braids

When vpleteny of kanekalon hair and raspletanie it, you need to follow certain rules. You can view them on the Internet. Braid is a very long and its very easy to confuse. We all turned out beautifully, the result exceeded all expectations! Braiding two French braids with kanekalon divided took time for about an hour. My daughter loved it!

And last, cost is the purchase of the 275,65 rubles. apiece. For comparison, in our city such kanekalon sold from 1500 RUB. Very happy with purchase, recommend to buy from this seller!