Irrigator Xiaomi Soocas W3

Dentists often speak in favor of the irrigators of the mouth. Finally I decided to buy it.

Because of my frequent traveling, gave confidence in the quality preference portable oral irrigator brand Xiaomi model SOOCAS W3 on the website Aliexpress.

The seller asked me to add in sets of 8 bits, so if you lose or break one, no need to worry where to buy a new one. Soocas W3 cost me 48$ — a ridiculous price for a healthy smile.

Place an order for Ali on this page March 12, 2019, the track number is tracked in the branch of the Russian post received in 2 weeks. The parcel came in one piece. Box… after all, Xiaomi knows the price of the proverb «Meet on clothes…».

The contents

  1. Appearance and management
  2. The quality of cleaning
  3. Video

Appearance and management

The box looks expensive. The outside is nice, inside is even better. After unpacking acquainted with the contents: the Waterpik charger with output USB, instruction manual.

The model has a compact form. Tank 230ml. Two buttons: «Enable/disable» and «Toggle mode», plus color indicators that display operating mode and battery.

Back under the waterproof cap connector for the charger. By the way, came already loaded.

The quality of cleaning

I, as a beginner, use the first mode is soft, it is more gentle for people with sensitive teeth. The second — standard — not much more powerful. And the third pulse — to prevent bleeding gums, I did not dare.

Cons: For me, as for the person who first took the irrigator was not enough ml in the tank, but water in the two accounts will not cause much trouble. Later I got used and one fill is enough for me.

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Pros: In use it is less than a month, and the result is seen and felt on the day after the first application.

The product exceeded all expectations! Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

Still I can recommend electric toothbrush Xiaomi and ultrasonic Xiaomi. One for the morning another for the evening.