Iron BRAUN TS 775 TP — Textyle Protector

My family has always been an ardent fan of technology of the manufacturer and no wonder that when I faced the question of purchase of iron, to monitor the existing model on the market, I became solely within this brand.

Decided not to save and buy quality modern model, which was, first, to look stylish, good fit in hand and have a nice and long cord, and secondly, to have excellent technical characteristics: high power and powerful steam burst.

From all available models, the choice was stopped exactly on the iron Braun TS 775 TP: it meets all the parameters desired by me. Plus, of course, very interested by the huge number of rave reviews from satisfied customers.

Ordered on Aliexpress Tmall or in common — «ALI MALL» here.

After payment, the seller processed my order within two days. As the iron was delivered from Moscow warehouse, then to Vologda, he was taken in just three days. At the time of purchase (may, 2018) cost is $ 3540 R.

The contents

  • Characteristics and parameters
  • Equipment
  • How to use manual
  • Pros
  • Cons and disadvantages
  • Opinion
  • Video
  • Characteristics and parameters

    Before I share my General impressions about the iron, go over its main features:

    • Dimensions: 130 x 150 x 300 mm;
    • Weight: 1.5 kg;
    • Housing color: grey + white;
    • Power: 2400 W;
    • El. voltage: 220V;
    • Sole material: stainless steel;
    • The volume of water tank: 400 ml;
    • Steam: 50 g/min;
    • Steam boost: 200 g/min;
    • Spraying: present;
    • Power cord length: 2.5 m;
    • Country of production: Hungary.


    Equipment packages: iron, a convenient measuring Cup with narrow spout, nozzle for delicate fabrics the Textile Protector, documentation. The seller provides a guarantee of 2 years.

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    After unpacking the parcel I realized that it has paid off: iron looks very stylish, modern, due to open rubberized handle pretty confident in hand.

    How to use manual

    Inscriptions in English, but in fact, the management of elementary. The body is only three buttons: for steam, water spray and vapor regulator, which allows you to adjust the intensity of the steam flow when Ironing.

    When the device is held upright on its lateral faces are clearly visible scale with marked displacement and water level min/max.

    Under the handle — standard, like all irons, there is a wheel-controller with three main modes: • low T — for acrylic, nylon and synthetics, •• average T — for wool and silk ••• high T — for jeans, linen and cotton.

    The water tank is sealed and easy to open (on the old iron was the problem, and I regularly broke when opening it nails).


    • Good build quality and good material products. The outsole is made of stainless steel with a sapphire dusting, and this means that it is resistant to corrosion and any mechanical stress: the manufacturer States that the friction surface with steel brush will not lose your «commodity» type and will continue to «blossom and smell,» i.e., to glisten and Shine. In addition, the sole Sahpir glides much better on fabric compared to the more budget-friendly coatings.
    • Light weight. This is a very important point due to which Ironing a large volume of clothes becomes a comfortable pastime, not torture).
    • The presence of an anti-drip system.
    • There is a system of protection from scale.
    • The presence of a gap (groove) between the housing and the sole, which allows better place to iron on fabric with buttons, zippers and other accessories.
    • Ball mount cord.
    • Excellent atomization of the liquid: it is small, not clear jet.
    • Special attachment for Ironing delicate fabrics. The nozzle is very useful and really working: thanks to uniform flow of steam it perfectly smoothes sensitive to heat tissue, preventing the appearance of Shine on them and them sticking. Head even just put on the included iron.
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    Cons and disadvantages

    • No smoothlythe. Not critical, but still function for iron is very necessary;
    • A VERY long cooling. After Ironing be sure to remove the iron away from your residence in the apartment and places where it will be able to get children or Pets.


    If at this time you have to think about assistant for Ironing, then I highly recommend you look at this model. Believe me, with this iron the process of Ironing becomes a pleasure.

    Summing all the pluses, I want to say that iron is definitely worth the money, to purchase recommend!

    Again, bought on Aliexpress Tmall on this page the official. If You like to order, Ali Mall and get free shipping by courier from the closest warehouse in Russia, then I can still recommend from the same dryer for fruits and vegetables Vitek, carob coffee machine from the same manufacturer, as well as a bread maker redmond and the cyclone vacuum cleaner Scarlett.