IRALAN review cheap gyrometer with wheels 10 inch

Bought my son a cool gyrometer Iralan in Aliexpress for the price of 2 times cheaperthan in stores. The total 10560 rubles, and with free shipping. «Girice» with 10-inch wheels just fine. Bought here from an authorized representative Irelan. Now here I am writing this review, turn on the link and see that at the moment, an additional temporary discount of 25%, cool!

The first thing liked the design. Unlike most of these gizmos in this model, the small wings. The wheels turn half-open. Once thought less likely to break the plastic in the fall and cling to these wings, if you pass near the curb.

The second attractive point is the size. This gyrometer perfect as a child and an adult. It can safely ride a solid weight man, and nothing broken. Delivery was mega quick.

I advise you to take the 10-inch variant, as they are more drivable and easier to keep balance:

Sent by a courier company Business lines, there was a parcel of 2 weeks from China. Packaging is excellent: gyrometer Packed in a thick Styrofoam box, which is inside a regular cardboard box. And plus, still further put the second cardboard box. We have in picking Girik, keys, remote , charger and manual (in Chinese).

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    All photos were taken by me personally and they are quite large in size. Just click on desired photo to enlarge and to view your details:

    • Durable. The plastic quality is on par. Wings we have endured and numerous drops, and collisions, and even once the child sat down on them;
    • Powerful. Rides like a machine. He is not afraid of bumps, small holes and even low curbs he walks. You can ride on asphalt and dirt road, again it is the merit of the large wheels;
    • Reliable. The wheels have a inflatable, so they are not afraid to break, except pierce, but this problem can be solved in any tire shop. Lowering or inflating stronger wheel, you can adjust the degree of stiffness of the drive. On rough roads it is better to pospolity;
    • Comfortable. This model has a very comfortable platform for the feet. First, rubber grips for the feet. Even barefoot is comfortable to ride. Secondly, the platform extended from the center to the wings that allows the foot to stand fully;
    • Easy to use. His work is intuitive, importantly, to learn to keep balance.
    • Quality. Battery holds a charge. The mileage is not know, but discharged after about 7-8 trips in an hour and a half each. The key remote is working properly.
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    • Our gyrometer initially, did not work one bulb is in a calm state (when driving all the lights). This does not prevent, simply as a defect. Moreover, sent a picture of this problem to the seller and he returned$ 10 from the cost of the device;
    • The smell of rubber from the wheels not being very long, it seems that he is eternal. Indoors it just felt;
    • Tight connection of charging. Once even with difficulty pulled the plug, although due to this reaches a high level of safety when passing high current through the connector;
    • Weight. It weighs 15 kg, so the child is 10-11 years old walking alone with him problematic. If you need to move gyrometer, we have to raise it ourselves. This is the price for capacious battery and the size of the wheels;
    • No bags in which to store Girik. We have it was not complete, and it is much needed. Can be bought separately or pick up a sports bag on the market, but included its presence would be a plus;
    • Very sensitive. It is necessary to accurately balance to scooter shake. The slightest uneven distribution of weight and the unit starts to vibrate (bounce). This aspect has to be considered if you want to put on the platform of the child (weight 20 kg this giric does not perceive, vibrate). You get used to it, but for children up to 20 pounds of weight need to take a smaller camera.


    It would seem, why gyrometer with Aliexpress built-in Bluetooth «on Board»? As stated by the manufacturer, it is for playing music from a smartphone or tablet user.

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    Well, looks cool flashing and playing music Girik. And the music is more fun to ride! But that’s not all…

    Somehow Iralan company modestly silent that it is possible to use the phone app. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the app is still in beta testing. Using this very simple it allows to control secondatia, watch the speed of the device and the battery. Apparently, there’s more added now, since there are unused buttons that are drawn by the designer in the app, but not having yet assignment in the beta. Well, wait…


    For the money this is a godsend. Even though he was Chinese, but very high quality, it is clear that not just any Noname fake, but it is a little-known quality brand. Advantages more than disadvantages, at least, negative in operation, we felt. Happy to ride with the whole family. And with bluetoth headphones Vinyl at all good! Again, bought from the official representative of Aliexpress here


    In this video review younger brother with 8-inch wheels, but that’s all I managed to find the net at the moment: