IPX7 waterproof earphone LYMOC

Today, our review in the editorial office got Lymoc waterproof headphones with waterproof level IPX7, as if that guarantees their performance even when submerged.

The contents

  1. Features
  2. Battery
  3. Ease of use
  4. Video


The manufacturer claims the following characteristics:

  • Full model name: LYMOC-GS07;
  • Frequency: 20Hz — 20,000 Hz (or 20 kHz — as you prefer);
  • Sensitivity-108 DB;
  • The Bluetoth connection up to 10 meters. For some reason the Bluetooth Protocol of the manufacturer does not specify;
  • Speaker impedance — 32 Ohm standard.

In General, features are impressive but what they show of themselves? In the video below you can see the results of testing.


At the request of the company Lymoc battery should hold 8-10 hours battery 110 mAh. In practice, we were able to keep included headphones at medium volume for about 6 hours.

Ease of use

Overall, the sound is very full-bodied, powerful bass, but the upper can not miss, it all depends on your preferences in music. Great for rock, but for the instrumental classics is worth considering.

The side power button and volume pressed with a force, like many headphones of this class of protection and water resistance.

Overall, afloat is hardly possible to use buttons, you need to stop.

Bluetoth disappears when immersed in water more than a meter. However, when bringing it recovers pretty quickly. If it is basic and you don’t want to hear stuttering in the speakers, it is best to look MP3 player for swimming, built into the headphones.

All the rest refer to the video below.

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