IP surveillance Camera Vstarcam C7815WIP review from the owner

I needed a camera for surveillance, which could endure rain, snow, low and high temperatures, scorching sun and wind. And be sure to show a good picture both day and night. My choice stopped on Vstarcam C7815WIP because of the number of features, including:

  • the minimum value among IP cameras with the same features and functionality;
  • this is one of the most popular models shop with good reviews Vstarcam Official Store.
  • the device is certified;
  • has a protection degree of IP66, which means the impossibility of penetration of dust and moisture into the interior of the housing;
  • high resolution 720P;
  • motion detection and night mode.

The contents

  • Registration and receipt of order
  • Package contents camera
  • Connectivity and control
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • The main advantages of the camera:
  • Disadvantages:
  • Opinion
  • Buy
  • Video
  • Installing a memory card
  • Setup via cable and Wi-Fi
  • Registration and receipt of order

    Bought from an authorized representative of the manufacturer Vstarcam on Aliexpress here.

    Before paying the order, you must specify plug type power supply. Offered four options among which I choose EU Plug or «EU plug». This is a common «Euro plug».

    The cost of the camera was $ 38.44. Shipping price — $ 3.16. Total order amount — $ 41.60. Ordering the camera was designed 11.11.2017. Shipped by the seller within three days. In the order stated delivery time is 18-30 days. The camcorder came 01.12.2017. The courier brought a carefully wrapped package right to your door.

    Package contents camera

    Digital camera came unassembled in a common package. It was necessary to piece together several parts:

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    • metal cylindrical housing with adjustable protective hood and a cable;
    • the bracket, which you can use to mount the camera on a wall or ceiling and change the angle of rotation and tilt;
    • external removable Wi-fi antenna for stable signal;
    • the power supply unit.

    In addition, the set was fasteners and instruction book in English. MicroSD memory card for recording video is not included. It must be purchased separately and installed in a special slot of their own.

    Connectivity and control

    The camera connects to the Internet through wired or via Wi-Fi. Device management is performed using the EYE4 app from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.

    This program can be downloaded for free in Google Play and App Story. The app allows you with your smartphone or tablet to control a digital camera to implement online monitoring, and view the video archive. To learn how to use EYE4 is not difficult, as there are step by step instructions and multi-language interface. I helped to organize the work devices and apps video tutorials to users on YouTube (and put them below on this page).

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The main advantage of this device is that it is equipped with thirty infrared LEDs, allowing it to capture footage in complete darkness at a distance of 15 metres.

    The main advantages of the camera:

    • housing;
    • withstands high humidity – up to 90%, and a high temperature of 50°C.
    • the Wi-Fi module;
    • remote control and viewing, you can change the brightness, contrast, saturation;
    • start recording upon motion detection in the frame;
    • the ability to record video to the card and viewing archive files for up to 20 days;
    • easy setup and adjustment of equipment;
    • small size;
    • modern design;
    • the camera supports video compression in H. 264 format. This is very important! This format allows very pinch video, which facilitates its transmission through the Internet, and also increases the amount of recording time on the memory card. In addition, this format is supported by all modern smartphones, computers and even TVs.
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    • complex installation the microSD is necessary to disassemble the device;
    • there is no microphone and a speaker;
    • no remote rotation camera;
    • there is no function approximation image;
    • short camera cable and a power supply unit, which leads to difficulties in the installation.


    Vstarcam C7815WIP, in my opinion, the best budget solution for outdoor surveillance. If you need more functionality, you will have to choose more expensive models. So, the ability to rotate the camera increases the cost of the device is approximately two times, a microphone — in 20-50%.

    Camera has established itself as a reliable product in all weather conditions.


    As I said, I bought from an authorized representative of the manufacturer on Aliexpress here. Perhaps, at the moment it is the best and reliable offer. It is always better to buy directly in China, given the free shipping, than pay in the market or in the shop dealers.


    Be warned, the video is not mine, but ones I could find on the Internet:

    Installing a memory card

    To install TF card memory is not so simple, look:

    Setup via cable and Wi-Fi