Inverter 12-220 Onever into the car cigarette lighter

Recently, being constantly on the move by car and needing constant access to the Internet with the laptop at work, thinking about the ongoing charging, because laptops work some time offline, but long and frequent trips this is not enough.

The choice fell on the purchase of the inverter from the company Onever that converts 12 volt from cigarette lighter socket, 220 V. Purchased the device on AliExpress for 9$ here. The product came to Saransk for a month by regular mail.

The inverter plugged into the cigarette lighter of the car, which is very convenient.

In addition to the outlet, laptop Converter has a USB connector at 0.5 A. the Device is equipped with short circuit protection, dual-led sensor (green-on, red-off) and an active cooling system (cooler), which makes the inverter to overheat with prolonged use and has a compact size (6.5 cm wide, 4.2 in thickness and 11.8 in length).

Cooling makes a lot of noise and does not interfere with work. Use both connectors at the same time charging is possible, allowing at the same time to charge the phone (usb input allows you to connect a usb hub, if you ride more than one).

The voltage inverter into the cigarette lighter turned out to be indispensable not only for work but also travelling with the family. In the long road the kids watched cartoons, and my wife, during night stops, watched movies.

Of course, in addition to notebooks, it can be used with other devices that require 220 V. I’ve already checked the iron with a capacity of 40 watts. – all went well and no problems in the Converter did not happen.

Inverter Onever very useful and professional truckers, who spend most of their time traveling and often do not have the right moment hand outlet.

From usage experience, device use not more than six months, and he never failed. I advise anyone who has faced a similar dilemma to acquire.

Especially useful for freelancers, whom the laptop is always needed in the active state, to combine relaxation with your favorite cause. Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page.