Interchangeable head attachments with bristles for toothbrush Xiaomi

As supplied with an ultrasonic electric toothbrush Xiaomi was only one nozzle, the need for replacement heads appeared immediately after purchase. The official Russia did not have them in stock, had to order in China here. Package with 3 pieces cost me 831 rubles and kopecks.

Shipping and handling the order took 1 day, next day the parcel was already on her way to me. Shipping service ePacket in the Rostov region – 14 days track to track.

Box of bits was Packed in soft package, so the path was pretty banged up, but contents are not affected. (Photo 1)

The contents

  1. Description and details
  2. Quality
  3. Opinion

Description and details

The inscription on the box is only in Chinese, there is a hologram sticker confirming the authenticity of the product Xiaomi. Shows the profile of the bristles, but the eye to determine what they are actually impossible.

The brush attachment in individual dense packing. Everything properly sealed and labeled.


The marking on the heads is different from the original, which was complete with a brush, mijia is mi. But the bottom of each there is an individual number, and the connectors are identical. In fact, mijia is mi is almost the same, just different manufacturer plants, Xiaomi in different provinces of China.


The stiffness of the brushes are the same, the bristles are not lohmataya, do not fall and scratch the gums. The quality is good, I can safely recommend for purchase to the main electric brush. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

And please do not forget that periodically, you need to use more and an irrigator for mouth, tooth brush is not enough!

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