Intel Xeon E5450 3.0 GHZ under 775 socket

Decided to breathe life into your old man. Had motherboard ASUS P5KR, working together with the Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4 GHz). Wanted to increase performance from the CPU, and most importantly, a little blood, i.e. the small money.

The fact that my Board runs on 775 socket and of the most powerful that is available under it is the maximum percent from the line «quads». But the walk across the expanses of the Internet came across this interesting server option.

The fact that this «Zion» was not originally intended for the 775 mount (cut on the keys located in other places), but friends from China chiseled edges and swap a couple of pins to the processor felt comfortable in the 775 socket. After reading the reviews and making sure people are satisfied, make an order here on Aliexpress from the seller Re Store.

Before paying saw that people highly praise the speed of delivery from this seller. Not believe it at first, but the parcel really got through a record 8 days in the mail. Such at me yet was not. The processor came in a special package wrapped in paperco. Looks like new, except for a couple barely noticeable scratches.

The contents

  1. Parameters and characteristics
  2. Flashing the Bios and Windows 10
  3. Opinion and tests in games

Parameters and characteristics

Specifically to the parameters of the «stone»:

  • Four cores;
  • Base processor frequency — 3.00 GHz;
  • Cache memory 12 MB L2 (which is quite cool!);
  • System bus frequency — 1333 MHz
  • Design power — 80 W (heat dissipation is smaller than my Core 2Quad)
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Flashing the Bios and Windows 10

Here it should be noted that for normal operation you need to reflash the BIOS of the motherboard. To try your luck is not, pereproshivka prior to implementation. Modification of the firmware took here.

In the end Xeon E5450 or just»Zion» no problem, start the Windows 10 took. Compared to the previous speed significantly increased.

Opinion and tests in games

Together with the Radeon HD7770 AND 8GB DDR2 turned out quite a good build for home tasks, and even some no toys. GTA5 on the minimum salary with antialiasing and a resolution of 1440h900 perfectly drawn.

With that configuration I even ran a new Prey (also all on the low, of course). About online WOT or CS:GO silent, so clear. Gamers can recommend a good but inexpensive gaming headset Kotion, same with Ali, and gaming mouse Razer. Special led lighting on the back wall of the monitor, allowing it to better experience what is happening in games and improve the appearance of the desktop.

Plans to try to disperse percents on the forums plenty of guides how to increase the speed. Revision E0 with no problems takes 3.6 GHZ, which is well accelerates computing power.

Now the CPU is cooled with a cheap tower DeepCool GAMMAX 200T. In the stress test AIDA64 temperature for cores not even close to 55 degrees. This affects the required low voltage XEON E5450. It is 1.1 volt, and the «quads» typically stress is held in the area 1.3.

Thus, the processor is ideal for those who want to breathe life into the stale Assembly on 775 socket.

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Just check the compatibility, because although almost all motherboards can work with him, there are chances to waste money.

Again, taking the Xeon processor under 775 motherboard on Aliexpress here. And on this page you can see other versions of the same, converted into a socket.