INTEL CELERON G530 chipset 1155

Hello everyone, today I will tell you how I bought an INTEL CELERON G530 with 4мегабайта cache and 2.5 gigahertz power, ordered from aliexpress for 941 ruble, reached me in 16 days, Packed neatly the seller gave as a gift the thermal paste.

How the CPU behaved in games?

  1. The first game on the test was cs:go, I had this CPU Tseleron card gtx950 ti 2gb, 8 gb of RAM. On FullHD the chart shows a stable 50-68 fps frame per second.
  2. The game on the test was «Pubg: and then it began: 17-23 fps, not playable.
  3. This is World of Tanks low graphics settings and stable 40-50 fps is fine to play with.
  4. And the last game on the test — GTA 5. Lowest graphics settings and 25-30 FPS, well «so-so».

In conclusion: if you take the CPU for office work, the INTEL CELERON G530 is what you need, and if for games, not suggest as the processor 2009 and it is unlikely he will play modern games, better take the i3 for the same money, but it will be much better and Yes, I took it 3 months ago and want to know the 1155 chipset for it.

Once again, I took on Aliexpress here on this page. Also I suggest you see the article «bring in cheap gaming PC for Huanan X79«.

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