Insulated women’s pants GareMay

I — the heater and have been looking for what can be nice to warm up in the winter. Today bought pants are the third. The second was the same. While the former is a more simple elastic and polyester batting as insulation.

The contents

  1. Material and quality
  2. About the size
  3. The pros and cons
  4. The cost and shipping

Material and quality

Pants made of fabric reminiscent of the soft quilted waterproof fabric, between the layers of the insertion fluff. The manufacturer speaks of genuine duck down, but impossible to check, looks, however, like.

Outside along the entire length of the pant insert of soft material, which allow them to sit on different shapes.

Nice ride height — zone covers the lower back, which is indispensable in the winter, and zipper for easy donning. The belt is well stretched and sits on the waist, giving elegance.

Despite a narrow leg opening, the style is reminiscent of the trousers, i.e., they are loose top, however it depends on the completeness of the legs. Comfortable to wear with low boots or shoes, because the leg cannot be pulled over the shoes.

This product was presented in 4 colors: black, blue, gray and dark red (wine). For me black is more suitable because sometimes wear them to work. Looks though a sporty but stylish. Color — deep black, without gloss. Insert from the inside like suede, pleasant to the body.

Despite the large number of shops offering this model, always buy one that is already checked, the seller, who is also the manufacturer GareMay on Aliexpress, here is a link to them. The quality is fine with me. Change them after two years. During this time, with constant wear, wears away the bottom edge of the pants.

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About the size

My settings: 96-82-105, height 176, took 4 XL, convenient and comfortable.

Tip! When choosing a size, try to take on one more, sit on You, they will be freer and more comfortable.

The pros and cons


The pants are thick, warm, high and light. Do not get wet. In winter at minus 20 they can go without tights, in a short jacket. An indispensable thing for trips over 2 hours at -14 do not freeze. To them perfect ICeBear down jacket or parka with hood and fur collar.


Obvious defects that I can see. The seams are strong, fabric soft, warm and cozy.

Implicit, in my opinion, the primary is parcost. Compared to membrane pants, they are not very good ventilation. So entering a warm room or remove them from, or will be sweating profusely.

The cost and shipping

The cost of the pants varies depending on season and currency exchange rates. Cheaper to buy on sale, which happens often enough. I took over 1700 rubles in the peak season. In other stores you can find cheaper, but I trust your trusted seller.

I bought the goods 03 Oct delivery from China, in Russia everything was already disassembled. This time it took 2 weeks, on 18 October, the order was brought home in Saint Petersburg. All the time track to track. For free delivery from China is very fast.

Packed the pants were in two packages: regular mail the upper gray color, inside lay the package with the pants. As a gift, the seller put baby clip for hair.

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Presented wear the pants for the fifth month, look like new, no scuffs, Pooh climbs.