INMAN women’s coat for spring and autumn

After receiving a positive experience of ordering on Aliexpress, I decided to try to get there, and outerwear. Watch searches worthy instance led me to blue coat, straight-leg jeans InMan — here’s a direct link to the product on Ali.

The main arguments for the choice was the large number of good reviews and reasonable price. The stars were developed so that the best option was to shop INMAN Official Store.

The contents

  1. The cost and shipping
  2. Opinion
  3. Dignity
  4. Disadvantages
  5. Summary

The cost and shipping

The cost seemed optimal for relatively decent stuff from China — 3 thousand 50 roubles. How did you manage to notice later on that coat periodically is a good discount of almost 50 percent.

The shipping was free. In Blagoveshchensk (Amur oblast) package came in the four weeks that our region fast enough.

The packaging consists of a conventional plastic package, but here more is required. The coat was not badly dented and was not screaming about the Chinese origin of the smell.



The first impression of the coat was a rainbow:

  • the color and texture of the material is quite consistent with the fact that the photos on the website. In my case, the color blue, looks very cheerful and in the fall-spring creates a good mood. The fabric is thick, ribbed clear. The lining is made of soft non-slip material and sewn on thoroughly.
  • I love this dress. No loose threads, crooked seams, even the buttons are sewn on tight!
  • the size corresponds to the declared mesh. Coat well a village on the figure. I would have said separate narrow sleeves, unlike some models upper garment, where the sleeves, like the Swan Princess.
  • early autumn and late spring is a very good option in the coat is not cold and not hot.
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Cons coat also showed up, but they are much smaller:

  • front shelves coat the bottom diverge, and are not adjacent to each other, as in the photo in the store. Overall it’s not bad, but was unexpected.
  • the fabric starts to lose its form. Only one season was made there so hated the pellets. They appeared on the inner side of the sleeve in the region of the pockets, that is there where there is often friction. Of course, you have to cut the pellets, and then look the same as before their appearance.


This is a good option coats from the brand InMan, where you can walk two or three seasons and without regret throw. Again, taken from the official manufacturer in INMAN Official Store. I think that suits perfectly with suede boots QUTAA, women’s hat made of rabbit or mink brand Mosnow. This is all from Aliexpress.

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