Injector nozzles for MAZDA 626

I’m from Belarus. Are the owner of an old MAZDA 626 2.0 d COMPREX

Then one day my machine started to go really bad, poorly to gain momentum, blunt, smoke. I turned to the expert on diesels, and he pointed to the injectors, or rather on their sprayers. Probably because of the poor quality of fuel, purchased from the owner, they clogged.

I took out the sprayers, learned their labeling (DNOSDN224) and started looking. The Belarusian automobile me less than $ 200.e. 4 things not offered and wait for what was needed more than a month.

A friend suggested to look on aliexpress. After sitting there for a day, I am marking is not found. Then decided to just start to contact the sellers and ask them directly the presence of such markings.

And began to receive answers. One of the Chinese sellers wrote that such sprays are available, just put all brand impossible to showcase aliexpress, wrote so I made an order for a specific lot, but instead of the goods which you order, put I need in the parcel. We shook on that.

4 spray I gave only 13.5 $. After 30 days, the parcel arrived. Excellent package with bubbly from the inside to the safety of the goods.

Dispensers were with the right labeling, Packed in special containers filled with oil. All like$ 100, but only for 13.5$. Product 100% satisfied, the car is as the month goes without a problem. Recommend to all Aliexpress.

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