Infrared non-contact thermometer Xiaomi iHealth

Good day! Recently ordered on Aliexpress infrared thermometer company Xiaomi (Xiami)?.

An indispensable thing, in my opinion, in the house where there are children. The thermometer runs on two mizinchikov the AAA batteries does not require touching with the body, just need to put things in between the eyebrows above the nose, push a button and the scoreboard lights up temperature!


In Kemerovo oblast to the city of Novokuznetsk, the parcel reached in 3 weeks, delivery service sdek, they called me and said that the parcel arrived in the office and I can take it! Ordered a thermometer at a reasonable price, 18$ for a quality item and much needed, quite a good price tag. Bought here, the official representative of Xiaomi on Aliexpress.

Already tried a non-contact thermometer iHealth, there is a small error in the measurement, but if you click three times, then the order of body temperature is clear at once!

Still very pleased with stylish design, so nice in the hand, compact, easy button, when pressed, illuminates when the temperature on the display vibrates in his hand. The numbers are large enough, the display is bright, which is important when in the middle of the night it is necessary to measure the temperature of a child, very well seen! Very good and useful thing!

PS Another health suggest take home humidifier type Alanchi. Very helps, especially in winter and in cities with a bad ecological situation. Are much less sick.


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