Inflatable pillow Ourwarm for travelers

For travel this pink (or red) cushion Ourwarm — irreplaceable thing, especially in the plane (or bus, car) when you need to sit long in the same place and position. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space.

The contents

  1. Purchase and delivery
  2. Completing and feeling
  3. Color and material

Purchase and delivery

Must — inflated, already blew it, the beauty! Ordered this miracle for travel 19.12.2017, and got 03.01.18 on the official page Ourwarm in Aliexpress. As they are the official brand, all sent high-quality and original. The page itself has the status of a «Trusted brand» and almost 100% positive reviews (this despite the fact that working more than 3 years and have tens of thousands of sales — so seldom today, even at classic stores).

The seller sent the package the next day, and the track was monitored immediately on the website of the Russian post. Packed the parcel well in a tightly sealed bag. Considering the Christmas holidays and overload of our beloved email, it’s in my opinion, very quickly.

Completing and feeling

The bundle includes the product itself and the black cover to it with an adjustable lock for tying.

The pillow is soft, velvety and clean. All seams are flat, threads do not stick out. The valve to inflate a little tugovat, consists of two parts, it is possible to break a nail opening so you have to be careful. Inflates very easily, and at the same time, given that the valve is highly sealed, I think air is flowing should not.

Trips not yet used to babysit her at home for some time, comfortable and a pleasant face. It is small, dimensions: 31 x 31 x 14 cm, light, almost weightless. Due to its construction, will keep your head and correct body position while resting on a journey, preventing pain in the neck and back.

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Color and material

The store catalog is available in three colors: blue, black and pink. I chose a pink. Pleasant upholstery: velour. Velour fabric is removed as a pillowcase, and in the case of pollution, can be washed in warm water up to 40C with a mild detergent, the main thing to wring out without twisting, drying in a natural way that would not ruin the material, and then again to dress on a pillow and use it again. Ordering is fully consistent with the expectation, and I enjoyed it especially for$ 6 a great and necessary thing…

PS once again I remind you that it is better to buy from the official representative here, and not through different intermediaries, who often receive poor quality fakes.