Inflatable massage cushion for the feet from Aliexpress

Bought for 14.50 $, the delivery time to Riga by regular mail was 4 weeks.

The contents

  1. The reason for the purchase
  2. About the characteristics
  3. Effect
  4. The choice

The reason for the purchase

When the son began to walk, thinking about how he walks. Like the emphasis on one leg. Asked what treatment we go. It’s the realization that all smooth — floors, and asphalt. Talked to a physical therapist.

He was advised to do a foot massage, and it needed that such inflatable balance cushion with massage “needles”. At the time of purchase on Aliexpress in set to get a pump, but this was not necessary. Took on this page.

About the characteristics

Cushion rubber, inflatable — plane can be easily adjusted conventional pump for balls.

To practice the son of the inflatable on the average fill level of the air. On one side of the “needles” the size of 5-6 mm, on the other hand is more smooth — points less, and their projection is 1 mm. the side of the foot more stroking than massaging. (:

Does not occupy much space — diameter 33 cm Pillow durable, rubber, flexible — easily withstands classes and men weighing 90 kg., These pillows are also used in fitness clubs.


The cushion is good because standing on it involved both legs — both work, leg muscles tense up uniformly, are stimulated points on the heels and the child trains the balance.

I want to draw attention to what to do on the pillow preferably barefoot — the effect is more noticeable. This job and our two year old son — he takes off his socks.

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I like to workout — an invigorating massage and a nice load. I want to add that an important regularity of the lessons is that you will significantly increase the time to achieve the goal. And in the development of children plays an important role — that all happened and it was corrected by the maximum on time.

The choice

Only the seller presents three colors — bright pink, dark purple and dark blue. We decided in favor of the blue — the best of the rest went into the interior of the nursery.

To look through the prices for massage pillow today at Aliexpress >>

If interested in a foot massage, I can still recommend world renowned applicator Kuznetsova (Yes, the Chinese do it). But for the neck and back also have a special device. Even the face can be massaged with the help of JP electric, so that it is always fit and didn’t SAG.