Immersion blender Vitek VT-3413

Since I’m a big fan of goods from Aliexpress, you saw a good discount in the category of «hot goods», decided to order immersion blender Vitek model VT-3413 Ali and Tmall.

Here is a direct link, the discounted price – 1745 RUB.

The product was in Nizhny Novgorod for more than 2 months. Opened dispute with the seller. In the end the order was delivered. Blender turned brown, although ordered white. But everything else matched the description.

Vitek was in a simple box made of corrugated cardboard, without any markings. Sealed box in a dark film.

Inside parts are located on two levels:

Level 1 – motor unit and a submersible blender attachment;

Level 2 – the chopper bowl Assembly, glass, demolished the Corolla.

The contents

  1. Equipment
  2. Application
  3. Chopper
  4. Blender
  5. Whisk
  6. Measuring Cup
  7. Conclusion


  • Removable blender attachment;
  • Engine block;
  • Bowl cutter (chopper);
  • Knife chopper;
  • Cover-gear on the chopper;
  • Removable nozzle-halo;
  • Gear nimbus;
  • Measuring Cup;
  • Instruction manual in Russian.



Used for shredding of almost all products:

  • chopping ice is better to put no more than 4-5 cubes;
  • grinds coffee better to put more, about half of the bowl;
  • shred cooked vegetables – carrots, beets – to include not more than 10-15 seconds;
  • chopping dry foods – bread crusts, nuts, cereals, sugar – turn by 0.5 – 1 minute;
  • cut fresh fruits and vegetables – onions, cabbage, apples, pears, greens — to include not more than 20-25 seconds.
  • turns into a puree of fresh vegetables and fruits – tomatoes, bananas, persimmons – enable until a homogeneous cooking of the product;
  • makes mincemeat of a small amount of meat or fish – pork, beef, poultry, offal, fish fillet, fish boned with delicate bones – only you need to pre-cut pieces of 2*2 cm and fill no more than half of the bowl;
  • heterogeneous mixes of products, for example:
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apples + dates + dried fruit + cheese + cream + honey = delicious and healthy dessert the consistency of liquid sour cream.

Myself: working with the chopper, you need to constantly monitor the products in the bowl. A little longer hold and get porridge, and not cutting. Liquid products at high speed, and strive to overflow.


Used for cooking by mixing and whipping a liquid products dry:

  • smoothies – milk, fruit, vegetables(milkshake with a banana, oatmeal and mint);
  • vegetables and fruits (mashed potatoes);
  • cream (boiled condensed milk with butter);
  • sophisticated scrambled eggs (milk, eggs, dry mushrooms, fresh herbs);
  • sauce (homemade Mayonnaise);
  • pate (boiled liver, fried onions, butter);
  • soup (cooked vegetables, broth, egg, cream, fresh herbs);
  • sauce (tomatoes, onion, garlic, fresh herbs).

From myself: head use constantly. She especially helps when cooking hot dishes – soup, mashed potatoes.

As the metal nozzle, not afraid of cooking with her hot and even boiling food, which greatly speeds up the cooking process.


Used for whisking food to thick foam:

  • cream (whipped cream);
  • whites (meringue);
  • the batter (crepes for stuffing);
  • scrambled eggs (milk, eggs, salt)
  • cream (cream, sugar, cinnamon)

From itself: in principle, the halo works perfectly. At high speeds everything is fine is whipped. But for some reason I rarely use them.

All whipped with a nozzle-blender. Plus halo is that it is portable and well rinsed all the parts.

Measuring Cup

Glass can be used with a blender or whisk, and separately:

  • to measure the volume of liquid products (milk, broth, juice, etc.);
  • storage of semi-finished and finished dishes (sauce, dough, mashed potatoes…).
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In General, with purchase it is very immersion blender Vitek VT-3413 happy. The motor unit is always on the countertop of the kitchen because I use it for everything. Love the 2 modes – simple and turbo:

And several speeds:

All of the model Vitek VT-3413, including the motor unit, carefully wash by hand and in the dishwasher. That did not affect the quality of the device. I use it for about a year, no failures in work was not.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. I can also recommend this kit for making rolls VKTECH.