IMice mouse X7 for gamers

Recently wanted to buy a mouse for your computer so you can play comfortably, but my budget was very limited. So I was looking for something simpler.

And to my surprise the most popular mouse on Aliexpress was a model iMice X7, while it is one of the most budget!

The mouse has a backlight, which lights up in different colours. It is also very smooth and quiet keystrokes.

Located on iMice X7 7 buttons: left and right (main), mouse wheel, double click, «back» and «forward» and the most interesting is «DPI».

The last of these buttons is responsible for the speed, mouse sensitivity, and has 4 levels: 1600, 2400, 3200, 5500. I use 1600 because I think that is the best option and no longer need.

Very pleased with the shape of a gaming mouse because you’ve seen a lot of reviews that it did not fit well. In fact, under my arm it went perfectly, like a glove.

The seller should say a special thank you for such a high quality of service. So fast I still was never sent! Yes, and for the price of 6 cents dollars (6,63$). Taking on Ali here on this page.

Came for 12 days, which was a shock for me how quickly for free delivery. As a result, I will say that I was not expecting the quality that I received. So who have a limited budget — feel free to take, it is better for the price you will not find!

Also, I can recommend a very suitable keyboard of the same brand and see our article how to build a powerful gaming computer is cheaper in 2-3 times the market price, using the capabilities of server-side components for Xeon.

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