IMice keyboard Gaming Keyboard Steam Punk AK-700

Was looking for a replacement for my new keyboard, with high keys. Really liked the keyboard from the website Aliexpress iMice backlit Gaming Keyboard Steam Punk AK700 its design, namely the format of the keys are round like typewriters).?

Long did not dare to buy, but a passion for everything uncharted won. Multimedia keyboard, although the extra keys are not available, all of them are 104. There is the fn key and extended keys f1 to f12. Due to this the keyboard is very compact.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality and appearance
  3. About backlit keys
  4. Depression and stickers included
  5. Minus
  6. Conclusion

Where to buy

It cost me 18$ (with discount for speckyboy). Sent quick, took about three weeks, most of the time spent at customs. Came in the usual box, a little rough. Bought Ali here with the official representative of the brand.

The quality and appearance

Labels all in Chinese (no surprise). Once connected to the computer to check the backlight, but also on the efficiency and convenience. The regular USB cord with rubber insulation, rather long, about 1.5 m.

About backlit keys

Speaking of lighting, I would say that it is quite colorful, but once you get used quickly. It should be noted that not illuminated letters and symbols, and the inside clear plastic.

At the same time the keyboard iMice always highlighted in three colors. Regulated by the choice of colors and three modes:

  • steady on;
  • gradually fades;
  • smoothly change the possible color palette.

Of course, after a reboot the backlight settings are default. If annoying lights when the PC is off, should just switch it to another connector that is not powered when you disable or configure the USB power in the BIOS.

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The keyboard itself is not mechanical, as indicated by the seller, and diaphragm. Keys are pressed gently, the key travel is relatively small.

Depression and stickers included

Shrill sounds the keyboard makes, however, the membrane may be quieter. The layout is English only, but the seller put Russian label kit. For a long time they did not put, fearing that they would lose the whole unusual kind of key, but the child insisted, had. If you try to paste exactly, the eyes are almost not evident.

To the round shape of the keys and the gaps between them, of course you need to get used to, but the work would imagine this I would not risk to take. And so very cool.

Keyboard iMice completely plastic, but it seems quality, although the seller says that it is metal.


Only under strong pressure it sags in the center, I noticed pretty immediately. There are rubber anti-slip stickers at the bottom. The table rolls and looks solid. Who must have the legs to tilt the keyboard, but personally I did not use them never.


This device has been with me for 4 months until everything works, nothing sticks and does not fall off. Not bad at all. Again, bought on Aliexpress on this page. This is the official website of the manufacturer, so you need to take. Others or resell more expensive, or (if the price is lower) sell fake. Can still recommend gaming mouse Razer in the same style and a great headset for gaming Kotionthat too with similar lighting and looks generally awesome.

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