IMAX B6 from Aliexpress — full review

Device Imax B6 was purchased by me for $12.23, the Seller sent at my request by Hongkong post, for which I had to pay a little extra, but it was worth it, shipping faster than a logistics company. Ordered here on Aliexpress, the delivery process was monitored and the Hong Kong mail, mail of Russia. To the post office IMAX B6 has got only 12 days from the date of payment.

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  • Manual and setup during operation
  • Nizn
  • Car batteries
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  • Manual and setup during operation

    The charge-balancing device was purchased to service multiple batteries and batteries of different types operated by me.

    The description of charging-Ballantyne the device is able to serve NICD, NIMN, LIion, LIpol, Pb battery, but in practice it copes with the relatively new types of batteries — NIZN.


    The charging process is performed in AUTO mode or manual. In the «AUTO» setting is only the maximum current, charging during the cycle is changed on a pre-programmed algorithm for each type of elements, while in manual mode the set current constant throughout the entire cycle.

    You can test the real capacity of the elements. Powered by an external source with a voltage of 12-18 volts. The control is performed only by four metal buttons. In the settings can be written to the memory 5 of the programmes of work of the device, or before connecting the battery to set a new operation mode.

    You can disable the charging process when reaching a certain temperature battery (if connected to the temperature sensor not included), after some time (up to 4 hours or not to control the time), upon reaching a certain charging current, enabling/disabling the beep.

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    In the process of operation the LCD display shows information about the mode of operation, the battery voltage, current charging/discharging.

    I have powered the device from the laptop power supply. In the process of exploitation the first thing remade cords the weekend, as supplied not applicable, no such connectors (except crocodiles). This is, perhaps, the only thing did not like, but perhaps only to me.

    Manufactured cords for equipment that charge (mostly toys) and adapted to the battery compartments for charging 1-3 batteries AA, AAA.

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    In training mode, NICD, NIMN managed to recover, though not fully performance 4 of 12 elements. Balancing software necessary in the operation of a number of series connected LIion, LIpol batteries, not used, can not say anything.


    Charging NIZN elements in the Imax B6 is not provided, but possible. The voltage of these elements is 1.6, which is slightly greater than the voltage of NICD, NIMN (1.2). The charging algorithm is identical. To connect use battery compartment for 2 rechargeable batteries, the device exhibited a voltage of 3, 6 (3 items). Charges, does not swear.

    Car batteries

    Use as a charger for lead-acid batteries…

    Charged and charge the electric car child with two 6 volt batteries in the winter charged car battery current of 5 amps. Very convenient notification about errors, not any code that you can look in the table and text message, however, is good English.

    Also, the winter cold was of little help staffing their priors generator, charging the battery of the car in the garage. I have a garage without heating, but Imax perfectly withstood the cold and not «capricious».

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    Overall, very pleased. About NIZN batteries have already mentioned and that is a big plus! Looks high quality, but not dismantled. Works without failures and breakdowns for several months, and in the right hands so do provides a whole range of possibilities! All the error messages, the end of the working cycle and other messages are accompanied by an audible signal.

    Where to buy

    Can be purchased on the website Aliexpress at this link. Please note: buy only original product iMax B6, which look at the header of the product. If it says «ORIGINAL», then everything is fine. The fact that the rules of Aliexpress sellers and shops forbid them to sell a fake with an indication of originality, thereby deceiving customers.

    In the case of violation of this rule, they will pay a big fine or even lose your account with all unpaid funds. So that sellers of fakes usually just write nothing about the origin of products, but sellers of original articles sure to note it in the title and description!

    Comparison of original and fake