Imagic shadow — palette (palette) with mirror

I want to write a review about shadows Imagic, made in the style Palette with mirror.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Composition
  3. Features
  4. Pigmentation
  5. Matte shades
  6. Himernye shades
  7. Quality
  8. Resistance
  9. Opinion

Where to buy

  • At the time of ordering the shade cost ~ € of 7.36 (~553 RUB);
  • The shadow ordered 22.04.2018 here — the official representative of the brand on Aliexpress. Came 23.05.2018. Exactly a month;
  • Seller is very polite, immediately sent the tracking number, asked to go if something happens.

The shade arrived safe and sound thanks to several layers of pupyrchatoy film. In the gift was a double sided applicator for applying shadows.



Mika. The boron nitride. Polyethylene. Silica. The polytetrafluoroethylene. Caprylic triglyceride. Synthetic wax. Polyisobutene. Lecithin. Kaolin. Dimethicone. Titanium dioxide. Manganese violet. Ultramarine. Carmine.


  • On the top wall of the palettes have a mirror. Of course, trips help out, but home is best to use special make-up mirror with lights Gustala;
  • Really the same square shape.


To sum up, the pigmentation of the shadows are good. (Swatch you can see in the photo)

Matte shades

  • Matte shades have a dry texture, pretty good, get a brush, get flustered, in principle, no problem.
  • The lighter shades are less pigmented than the dark. And it is clear.
  • The most intense matte shade in the palette — «Drama»

Himernye shades

  • Himernye shades have a creamy texture. When you touch your finger it is felt that the wet substrate is used;
  • Apply these shadows are rather tightly Packed with brush or finger. I use this as a gift recently;
  • Pigmentation in shimmery shades — above all praise. Wonderful metallics that are transmitted with a light touch;
  • All himernye saturated shades.
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Shadow Imagic dust. Not much, work is not affected. They are showered. Not very much, plus is fairly easily removed with a napkin. Before use it is recommend to clean the face with a special brush JP Home and handle it hydrophilic oil Soonpore.


  • The persistence of shadows also deserves praise. Caught in the pouring rain, even in this case, they have not disappeared off the face, and about a normal day and not talking;
  • Color your shadow is also not lose. But it’s mostly only in terms shimmery. They hold like a stiff;
  • But the crease is still rolled into the strip.


I’m happy with the palette. But more to shimmery. Even just because they can buy these shadows. This is a very good wet metallics, with little effect foil that is excellent in all respects, to him no complaints there.

Matt, of course, is also good, but color range is a bit poor. It is shown in brown and orange shades.

On Swatch these colors seem very different. But see, for example, «Smoked» and «Bold» (respectively, brown and orange), they somehow mixed together, but not in a smooth transition, but just in one color brick something. Where two unique colors?

If you use only brown, then, again, in Tefillah and switch is different shades of brown, but in the century between them is practically no difference. The question is, why then I bought the palette to 16 colors, if they are 10?

Therefore, we can conclude that different kinds of looks with this palette do not work. In any case, you will have to use other colors that are not present here, hence the need for other palettes and shadows. So in terms of versatility here is a tremendous question.

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But if you have an accurate scheme of the makeup, you know exactly what colors you need, and all of them are in this palette, I see no reason to buy something else. The quality of these shadows Imagic is excellent, even too much for Aliexpress. I would love to continue to use this palette, not just brown and orange and all other colors.

Again, bought here from an authorized representative of the manufacturer Imagic Ali.