I bought a leather pants with insulation on Aliexpress

On Aliexpress I accidentally got one of her friends who worked at the post office told me that my nephew often gets to their post office parcels from this site. Little nephew asked around, I learned about the practices of this site, and decided to make the first order.

Chinese fur from mink, Fox and raccoon

The contents

  1. Chinese fur from mink, Fox and raccoon
  2. About the pants
  3. My findings and opinion
  4. Where to buy

My problem was that on Aliexpress, I went for a fur vest learned from the Internet about what in China is grown Minks, foxes and raccoons, fur which now came into Vogue.

I’ve been stopped by two things: price and distance sellers. All the friends repeated with one voice: «Buy home appliances and forget about the fur – it comes poor». But I more and more wanted to wear fur clothes.

Often considering fur on the site, I noted their cheapness, compared with the prices in our country, and that all the girls — models photographed in natural furs and trousers of synthetic leather, which look quite presentable.

And one day – solely because of the great power of advertising — I decided to purchase these pants. They cost me twenty dollars, minus a discount of one dollar, with the addition of the store on the Aliexpress website in your favorite list of sellers. Delivery took about three weeks.

About the pants

Honestly, now I literally «hooked» on Aliexpress. The most difficult thing was to correctly determine the size of the selected product. This helped me a younger sister, a professional tailor. It turned out that I fit size XXL – XXXL, depending on the settings of the selected items.

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So, all the ladies that host reviews about the faux leather pants, wrote that the insulated version of the product is better to buy the larger size. I took their advice and took XXXL here:

Pants sent to me, first I sat down on the ugly figure, with many folds and creases in the most unexpected places. The product looked like a wrinkled rag – and I was very sorry. But, as other insulated pants I just didn’t – I started to wear bought on Aliexpress.

Two weeks later, revealed the following facts:

  • pants stretched and gradually begin to tightly fitting shape;
  • when wearing boots, they are well tight calves;
  • tall boots «in conflict» with the pants, causing them to podderzhivaetsya up on his knees formed a huge amount of folds, as Trouser legs, lifting, as if shortened.

My findings and opinion

Overall, I can say that I am happy with the purchase. This fashionable and modern thing very useful to have in the wardrobe. It is a pity that such a wash pants is impossible.

Where to buy

Bought this product on Ali here.