I bought a fancy Tamagotchi

This year bought on a Chinese website Aliexpress Tamagotchi «Tamagotchi connection». Very long wanted and finally found this toy online version and programs in the smartphone does not interest me.

The site is very large selection of shapes and colors. I chose a Tamagotchi in a bright orange casing with blue buttons in the shape of an egg. The order made here, but if you open the main page Ali, just enter the word Tamagotchi in search box now there are other options: expensive or cheap.

The item features a ring and so can be worn as a pendant. There are 4 keys: reset, select, decide, cancel.

The contents

  1. Ease of use
  2. Video
  3. Conclusion

Ease of use

To understand the use of is approximately a half hour. There is a user manual in English, but it is universal and therefore it describes the functions that may be missing.

I have not used the booklet, and she understood. It’s pretty simple.

Also included are two batteries. They are already in the housing. You only need to pull out the plastic pull tab and a Tamagotchi will work. The purchase of the packaging is missing, so it was just wrapped the film with pimples, however, the appearance is not affected, but free shipping. Came fully intact, with no cracks.

The case is made of thin plastic so it won’t take much to compress it. Probably, and you can break! The buttons also do not suggest to press hard, because the buttons can get stuck.

I chose this model, as the reset button is on the side at the top. This is very important because you can easily reset the selected pet.

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In Tamagotchi, you can choose the animal/man/a hero games and movies. Their 168 pieces!

I was very happy with the purchase, however, after a few hours he was hanging out and off! This is a big minus! Thought the batteries, but alas, it is not. Chinese product — Chinese quality! But judging by the other reviews, I was not lucky.

But if you want to remember your childhood, then I advise you to buy. You can create a new pet and play again. Bought for$ 5, with a cashback EPN, any of the 3 top cashback works out much cheaper. The parcel arrived in about 2 weeks.



Still I am very pleased with the purchase as it was my dream since childhood.