I bought a boomerang on Aliexpress

I didn’t know that the launch of boomerang (or throwing, throwing, zapuskaniya) is so interesting! I once bought it on Aliexpress here on this page and since then this tool has completely captured my interest.

Who would have thought that the launch, in fact, curved sticks, develops vision, motor skills, muscles of the back and shoulders. Really, after a few with interest to the hours spent feel the power almost all over the body!

I started to be more interested in his new friend and that’s what I learned:

  • In the famous Guinness book of records was the maximum number of successively error-free throws — 129. The record set by Australian teacher Brian Thomas is a big enthusiast of this sport and an avid collector of boomerangs.
  • The shape of the boomerang resembles the Roman numeral V. the Loops are different depending on the shape of a boomerang, the direction and strength of the throw and, of course, the ratio of the energy of translational and rotational motion given by the thrower.
  • Meet trajectory resembling a ball, a drop, a figure eight wrap, closed with stitches or small eight. You could even say that there is a boomerang acrobatics.
  • By the way, acrobatic slam — one of the types of events held in many countries. However, mostly the athletes compete who will make more throws of the boomerang, «where the returning projectile» doesn’t touch the ground.
  • The clearance between the blades of my wooden boomerang with Aliexpress is 109°, but they come with a large clearance of about 130° and less 90. Average linear dimensions in the range 30-60 cm, although there are little (to 10 cm), and giant (up to 2 meters!).
  • In addition to conventional boomerangs in a V shape with equal blades, there are exhibits with blades of different lengths, curved in the form of a bow, horseshoe, of an acute triangle and lobed — reminiscent of a propeller, or with the third element as if in the middle of the digits of V.
  • To increase the torque at the ends of some sticks placed additional weight.
  • There is even a boomerang for lovers of the night throwing: it is provided with a light bulb powered by miniature batteries. Some of the exhibits are richly decorated. By the way, on Aliexpress, they also have here an unusual and cool example.

The mass of ordinary boomerang ranges from 30 to 80 g, depending on the dimensions, construction material.

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Classic boomerangs are made from wood. Wooden boomerang is easy to make yourself, but to fly it will be very bad, so I ordered a finished copy from China.

In mass production also use thermoplastic materials (polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, etc.), sometimes reinforced with fibreglass. They are molded in a liquid form, injecting a hot molten substance into a metal mold, which is then cooled to room temperature. The original material can be considered as whalebone.

Once again, I bought your wood Bumer on Aliexpress here. The other day I want to order more quadcopter ZEROTECH Dobby to continue studying the flight of aircraft. Perhaps I will Wake up in a new brilliant aircraft!