Hygrothermograph Xiaomi Mijia with a Bluetooth thermometer, hydrometer and recording device in one

Wireless hygrothermograph Xiaomi Mijia with bluetoth will be a great homemade thermometer with hydrometer — meter of humidity recording conditions. Small, fits in the palm, simultaneously measures temperature and humidity, stylish, fits in any design.

I decided to buy it as soon as I saw it on Aliexpress. Ordered on the official website Saami (or Xiaomi — not sure how) here.

The contents

  1. About the device
  2. Screen and Bluetooth
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video

About the device

Thermometer and hydrometer are very sensitive, respond immediately to small vibrations in the air. Attached to the wall on the double-sided adhesive tape that comes in the kit is holding up well, if you want you can easily peel, not tearing the Wallpaper.

On the screen there are smiles, a few pieces that show comfortable or not at home.

Was bought for$ 12, sent the day of order, delivered to Russia in less than a week standard shipping from AliExpress, but our mail, as always, stuck on the sorting.

Powered by a single AAA battery (mizinchikov), which is not complete, the display shows its charging. Now less and less to sell products with batteries inside, as if sent by air mail prohibited in parcels and parcels batteries and accumulators. Before focusing only on major, now sometimes deploy even a little. I think that depends on the particular employee’s logistics service.

Screen and Bluetooth

Xiaomi Mijia has a LCD screen to conserve has very little brightness, so in a dark room You will see nothing, big viewing angle, can be easy to make out the figures standing on the side.

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Connects to your phone via Bluetooth through the app Mi Home, it is possible to see how temperature and humidity in Your room is different from normal and tips to correct this, look at a graph of changes with time.

By the way, during the heating season, the humidity in the rooms is greatly reduced, which can badly affect health. Therefore, I highly recommend to buy more high-quality humidifier, such as humidifier Alanchi. One for the whole house enough, if you periodically carry. But at night, be sure to leave the bedroom, after all, health comes first!

Does not have access to the Internet, so to connect to the smart home and view indices out of range will have to buy a Bluetooth gateway or some other device from Xiaomi.


In General, I suggest and I it is great. The thermometer in Xiaomi Mijia shows very precisely, down to a tenth, as the hydrometer shows the humidity. Again, bought on the official website of the manufacturer.

PS by the Way, now the producers of «smart air conditioners» and systems of «smart house» gradually on the standardization of according to the Bluetooth Protocol on their devices. And if now you have no air, air heater or fan, which can be called «smart», then in a few years they will begin to appear EN masse, like when something began to appear Smart TV instead of a regular and a split system instead of window konditerov.