Hydrogel eye patches BAIMISS

On Aliexpress ordered hydrogel eye patches brand BAIMISS, here’s a direct link to the product. Ordered based on reviews, many positive, and orders for this product too much.

The purchase price 12.61 S, the product came in 3 weeks.

The contents

  1. Appearance on 5+
  2. Method of application
  3. The result and conclusions
  4. Video

Appearance on 5+

This product came Packed in a box. The design is great, the black bottle with contrasting green logo in the middle, under the lid there is an additional protective membrane and the applicator to extract the patches (with your hands is not hygienic, you can bring any infection).

Yourself patches, green to match the logo. It looks very stylish and expensive. The patches are kept in a special solution, in the amount of 60 pieces (monthly package) that are disposable.

Patches are designed for the care of the skin around the eyes. Removed swelling, bruising, smooth wrinkles, eliminate signs of tiredness and moisturize the skin. Apply daily.

Method of application

The procedure for the use of the following:

  • in the morning apply patches BAIMISS under the eyes for 15 minutes;
  • after a delete.

Attached very securely, absolutely not slide is a huge plus, when I used the patches from another manufacturer after a minute, they were already in the area of cheeks that brought great discomfort. After about 10-15 minutes of dry patches, the solution is completely absorbed and you can delete them.

The result and conclusions

After the first use, the result is already visible, I have naturally have black eyes and they are much lighter. Swelling removed just to cheer.

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For all the time that the use of these patches BAIMISS, I noticed that they have a cumulative effect, so apply them better to do on a daily basis, otherwise, the result will be ineffective.

Keep the patches preferably in a cold place, perhaps even in the refrigerator, it will double the feedback.

And another tip, these patches are also well suited to the glabellar and nasolabial area, this option I tested, the result really is, the skin in these places is getting tighter.

Let me remind you, took them on Aliexpress on this page. I can still recommend a primer for the face SACE LADY, mascara Relouis and Soonpure — hydrophilic oil to clean the skin.