Hybrid lamp for curing gel Polish Sun One

Lamp Sun One was purchased six months ago for personal use. Price — 1479 R. delivery was made to door courier in city Dmitrov in 12 days, bought here.

Package contents: Lamp, adapter and instruction manual.

The contents

  1. Features
  2. The pros and cons
  3. The recommendation to use and for purchase


  • Color – white.
  • Dimensions (h/W/d)- 90/195/155(mm.)
  • The drying conditions – 3 (5/30/60s.)
  • The bottom is removable.
  • Motion sensors – there.
  • Power regulator – is.


The parcel was well Packed in a thick plastic bag and carton. In the box all the components was also individually Packed (pack housing, the adapter in the box). To work with a lamp for drying Sun One is not difficult. Appearance is nice, design is thought over to trifles. If you look at the inside of the shell, you will see that the bulbs are evenly distributed across the surface. Is a total of 30 pieces.

Thanks to this arrangement, the coating dries evenly. If one of them will burn, you will not be difficult to replace.

The wattage is 24 and 48 Wat. Power is controlled by buttons to be pressed and hold for a few seconds. You’ll notice that the brightness has become dimmer, this is what I’ve read in another review, the lamp Sun One here.

The dimensions of the lamp allow to dry an entire hand at once or at least 4 fingers. 30 seconds is enough for the coating is well cured. Thanks to the motion sensors, there is no need to enable the timer, if you need to dry a few seconds simply put the hand. Since the bottom is removable (attached with magnets), you can use it as well for a pedicure. As you can see, for the money, you get the universal model of the lamp.

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Now I want to emphasize all the positive and negative aspects of this model.

The pros and cons


  • affordable price;
  • sleek design;
  • easy to use;
  • quickly dry the coating;
  • dry all kinds of gel varnishes;
  • the bottom is removable;
  • universal;
  • over time, you can dry the whole hand;
  • regulated power;
  • 3 drying mode;
  • the motion sensor.


  • the adapter heats up over time, which can lead to breakage;
  • during the drying process, the first 5 s. burns. Many may argue with the last paragraph, but I have used several materials and they are all brought discomfort during drying.

The recommendation to use and for purchase

Lamp Sun One overall, I was satisfied, for six months of complaints to it. Its price is fully justified.

For use in the cabin, I would still not recommend it, because the adapter can be quickly fail.

To buying this model I recommend, again: bought here at this link on Aliexpress! This every woman need, as for example, laser epilator, that was beautiful, not only hands, but women’s legs were always beautiful and smooth, not like a man)))