Hybrid DC Xiaomi earphone In-Ear

Hello everybody! Today we will talk about wired headphones headset from well-known brand Xiaomi.

The choice fell on Hybrid DC Xiaomi In-Ear because of the fact that Xiaomi smartphones are popular good. In General, the choice not wrong. Bought on Aliexpress here at the official representative of the brand, Xiaomi — Xiaomi Online Store.

If you are a musical guru in search of the perfect sound in all plans — you are not here. Headphones budget, for ordinary people.

The contents

  1. Design
  2. The sound quality
  3. Convenience
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video


The design is very similar to the headphones from the Iphone, especially if you take the color white (just the seller offers white and black).

Have an l-shaped plug, round cable, microphone on the right earpiece. The microphone 3 buttons: the regulation of sound and pause/play. Tablet(Android 7.0) sees the headphones as a headset, the buttons work as they should, the phone (Android 6.0) sees just headphones button functions are reset, respectively.

The sound of DC Hybrid In-Ear loud enough, no noise, high do not cut the ears, the bass are all well balanced.

Again, if you do not chase super-bass, etc. There is one thing — soundproofing. When you listen to something through these headphones at high listening to it with you around.

The sound quality

Personally, I have enough half maximum of the sound on all devices, on — very loud. But in General, I noticed that friends from your Iphone to the max is also audible to others. Apparently, the fact that it’s not the earphones (which sometimes also is such a peccadillo). With all this outside sounds don’t disturb you.

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The headphones overall are comfortable, don’t fly, ears after long wear not tired. This is despite the fact that vacuum I was quite difficult to choose the size of the nozzle, constantly swapping them out. If it took only a vacuum and fear that these will not be easy because of the size — fold it!

Took almost 13$(849,25 rubles), came to the Chelyabinsk region over the 3 weeks by regular mail in the box and package. In the box in addition to headphone manual in Chinese and English.


Correlating all the pros and cons, would put data to the headphones 4.5 in connection with their soundproofing and a telephone. The ratio price/quality is good. Again, took on Aliexpress on this page, the official Saami. If you need a more expensive wireless the same manufacturer, then I can recommend bluetoth headphones AirDots.


This video is not mine, just from YouTube: