Hybrid headphones KZ ZST and comparison with Xiaomi and Urbanfun

After the failure of the good old time-tested headphones thinking about buying a new one, and I heard from a friend of a lover about this interesting kind of hybrid headphones.

They combine two types of drivers – dynamic and reinforcing</strong>.

Dynamic driver is responsible for bass reinforcement for mid and high frequencies. In normal ears uses a single view, combining the two gives a more realistic and surround sound.

«Something interesting,» thought I, and began to choose.

After reviewing the options, settled on three of them – Urbanfun Hifi, Xiaomi hybrid Dual Drivers and KZ ZST. For the price of the most affordable appeared KZ ZST (22,69$ 23.5 vs.$ 30.5 Urbanfun and$ Xiaomi), however, when I was guided not only by this criterion.

I’m not a big fan of drum bass, listen to mostly rock, rock-n-roll, classical, sometimes jazz, because choosing the most light sounding headphone.

The contents

  1. Quality and convenience
  2. BlueToth
  3. Silver cable
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

Quality and convenience

ZST characteristics fit perfectly. Did order from the seller ZR World Store, here is the link on Aliexpress. The model presented there in two variations – regular and a PRO version, which I eventually chose.

The latter differs from the usual black and gray with bright colors and slightly higher impedance (though, later had the opportunity to compare them live and the difference I honestly didn’t notice).

When buying was the ability to choose the equipment, to the actual headphones I have added wired and Bluetooth headset and also separately ordered a silver cable.

They delivered it quickly, for twenty days to St. Petersburg. The product was sent in a nice box, inside of which lay a standard cable and also a bag with extra ear cushions the special shape that provides, according to the manufacturer, the best sound insulation. Both the headset and the silver cord is put separately.

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Yes it is, forgot to clarify the design of the headphones allows you to detach the lugs from the wires themselves, which is very convenient, because the wires often break, and this feature allows you to replace its antiquated cables and to use for different situations, which turned out very useful later!

Join speakers tight, not loose, so losing them is unlikely.

A standard cord from KZ ZST the quality of the material is identical to the bundled wired headset, soft, elastic, frost absolutely not harden and is not damaged when bent, the performance on top!

The silver option is slightly more rigid, but less confused, cold is not worse. However, with a wired headset it was not so simple – unfortunately, or I got a copy, either in design something is not finalized, but playback of music and movies by itself, without pressing the button, periodically pause.

So it was postponed on the shelf, where it lies to this day.


Bluetooth headset proved to better failures were found. Battery when listening to music is enough for 2-3 hours, charging via a standard Micro USB connector.

Earlier I mentioned that the change in cable KZ ZST was very important and that is why different cables sound completely different!

When using Bluetooth the sound is standard, even slightly deaf, and recommend it for listening to audio, I would not, however, talking is enough.

Silver cable

But the silver cable was the jackpot! The music sparkle with new colors, and opened absolutely amazing, a wide stage. I opened in old ringtones all new tones and notes!

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The sounds don’t blend together and complement each other, clearly audible and divided the middle and upper frequencies, the bass is tight, but neat.

Fans of surround sound and bass impact would not be enough, but judges are bright, analytical sound will be very pleased.

MIDs are crisp and clear, top clear, the balance, to my taste, in full measure.

With the usual wire up the volume a little lower, a little less wow-effect, but, nevertheless, pretty well, compared to other representatives of this price category.


Overall, buying KZ ZST very happy.

I would like to note, that despite some comments about planting in small ears they sit down quite comfortably, discomfort, I was not.

In my opinion, this is one of the best headphones of this type. I use them for almost a year and complaints about their work arose. Over time, speakers warmed up, and began to play even better than the first time.

All the same, to realizing their full potential advise to take the silver cord, huge difference in sound and quality of the material from which it is made, worth the money spent.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here. In home full-size headphones with a headboard I can recommend a cool Bluedio Vinyl Plus.