Hunting telescopic sight Bresee

In a choice of quality goods for hunting in the shops of the city and very high prices, decided to buy tactical optical sight for hunting Bresee 3-9X40EG in the online store Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Where to buy and price
  2. Characteristics and quality
  3. Installation and conclusion

Where to buy and price

The price at the time of purchase was with a small discount and was 1553 of the ruble. To acquire sight is possible on the following link. Free shipping was carried out by China Post Registered Air Mail to the apartment, with in 15 days from the date of dispatch by the seller and started tracking the goods, the courier called and warned in advance about his arrival in 12 hours.

Packed the scope in some sturdy plastic bags and tightly equipped into the box.

Characteristics and quality

The basic and most priority characteristics of a sight are: the increase of multilayer optics in 3-9 times and the diameter of the viewing lens is 40 mm, which allows you to quickly track the target. Length of sight 312 see

There is the possibility of illumination reticles in green or red, allowing you to use it depending on the time of day. And even in the low light provides a wide field of view, which is important in the use of sight.

When changing magnification from Bresee 3-9X40EG, the picture quality does not change.

Powered by a battery which is not included. The contents of the package the following: he was hunting scope, two 20 mm scope, two lens covers, which have a protective function against the ingress of dust and dirt, cloth lens cleaner, wrench, instructions (though in English).

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Installation and conclusion

Mounted on the bar weaver. With repeated removal and re-installation of the sight does not change. Adjusting one season was enough for sure. The sight is suitable for many types of hunting weapons. Use one and a half years, no complaints, despite the fact that the selected budget version of the sight. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

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