Hunting folding knife in stainless steel

Folding knife bought in the online store of AliExpress here on this page.

Store positions the knife brand Super PDR as hunting, but, in my opinion, suitable only for «quiet hunt». With a blade length of 10 cm on the bear will not go. While in the woods, a knife can be useful, and the small size (12 cm when folded) makes it easy to carry to yourself.

Knife bought for 500 rubles, now it is more expensive. The mail delivery took almost three weeks. Purchase time to see the world: the knife went to Russia through Holland.

It was Packed in a simple box made of black glossy cardboard.

Looks pretty sale: beautiful shape, handle, wood conveniently fits in your palm. The handle is smooth, but not slippery. The texture of the «wood» is very deliberate.

Knife weight 135 grams, it feels heavy, and what should be the thing of stainless steel.

Open Super PDR is not too sharply, but safely. Closes a little tight. Assembled without backlash: the blade is in the open state is not loose in different directions. The blade has a pre-sharpening does not require sharpening.

On the handle provides a focus to your fingers from slipping onto the blade. The knife is assembled using screws «under the star», standard screwdriver Unscrew the screws impossible.

Overall a nice purchase, good quality and reasonable price. Again, bought here on Aliexpress. I can still recommend a lighter IMCO 6700 stainless steel and the tactical set of utensils for camping and Hiking Widesea.

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