Humidifier KBAYBO with remote and aroma lamp

Indoors, especially in winter, very dry air, so with this baby I decided to purchase a humidifier.

Of all the models that are on Aliexpress, KBAYBO, in my opinion, has all you need for a home humidifier qualities, while maintaining low cost (at the time of purchase, the discount price was 950 rubles). Here is a direct link Ali.

There are several options for sending the item select the desired type of plug. In Russia the delivery took about a week, product was well Packed, no damage.

The contents

  1. An overview of the functions
  2. The effect of
  3. Video

An overview of the functions

Device KBAYBO has several functions: humidifier, night light and aroma lamp. All of them are regulated by a remote control.

  • Humidification of the air. In a room of 30 square meters, with its task it copes well in the winter do not turn off in summer, use as needed. Adjustable a head of steam, there are 3 modes, which are configured manually or remote control. Water is better to use purified, as flow accumulates in the device the plaque. There is a sleep timer.
  • Nightlight. This model humidifier is equipped with multicolored lights that can be to configure. Optional choose one of the modes: change of colors or a single color. You can also control the remote or buttons on the device.
  • Aroma-lamp. This humidifier can add essential oil diluted in water. The smell spread throughout the room, but eats plastic.

Enough to rinse the bowl in water and the next time will be simple steam, without impurities. This mode is good to use if someone is sick, essential oils have many beneficial properties.

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The effect of

As I said, we have a small baby, so this humidifier already and fall a dozen times, he stood up, hit different objects, the remote was drowned in the bathtub.

However, all tests KBAYBO moved with dignity, continuing to do their job. During the year, almost daily services in this regard, never been repaired, even the batteries in the remote are had to change.

Again, took on Aliexpress here on this page.