Humidifier ATWFS

During the heating season in the apartments, the air becomes more dry, and in the heat, too, unfortunately – a humidifier is salvation, especially if you have children.

Decided to buy a wonderful moisturizer on Aliexpress at the official website of the manufacturer ATWFS. Similar designs in stores are not met.

Humidifier brand «ATWFS» features drawings from four sides, all drawings are different, as if they are carved from plastic.

When connected lights up the blue led above the adjustment power (25 W) – turn the slider to the right and adjust the desired steam flow.

The back of the humidifier there is a switch lighting – personally I counted a total of four colors, the manufacturer claims that the device six colors, maybe I overlooked.

The kids love to watch the overflow of flowers! The spout of the humidifier consists of two rotating parts – you can send them in one direction and in the opposite direction.

Water is poured into the top block, for this you need to Unscrew the cap, which creates protection from the pouring water. Of course, as with all humidifiers, the water is collected in the lower block – this can not be avoided, the capacity of the humidifier is 2.5 liters.

Tried adding fragrance oil Tea tree – fragrance stood throughout the apartment!

The manufacturer describes that area of moisture is from 11 to 20 sq. m., but it is only in the case of work, if the device will work at least 3-4 hours. Our «Savior of drought» from the wall, has Auroville. The cord is about 1 meter.

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I want to mention fast delivery – the delivery was from Russia and only took some 5 days on the 5th day the courier delivered to the house. Bought for 1148 rubles.

I recommend this humidifier to buy! Bought on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend a ozonator and air purifier the same firm.