How to choose a SSD on Aliexpress

Prices on SSD drives is not low, it is not surprising that many people want to make substantial savings by ordering it on Aliexpress.

However, there are many unknown brands to the Russian ear, what SSD to choose? Of course, you can take the original Samsung, ADATA or Kingstone. And who is richer, will take even Toshiba, and they’re also original.

But we’re going to save, then why do we take on ALI? Having considerable experience in their purchase, sale, and service, I decided to write this small note.

I must say, this is not advertising one particular brand. I’ve highlighted three, which in my experience has not delivered the minimum of problems, in relation to the rest others.

The reason I say «less problems». Yes, because when talking about hundreds of instances, then they all will be a certain percentage of the marriage even of Samsung products in stores of any city.

First place: KingDian

It is very important to take only spokesperson, and not from intermediaries. Actually, I got married just this one time, when volumes related to my work seems fantastic.

Oh, I forgot to clarify that my minrating for the SSD drives with SATA connector and M2.

KingSpec NeTac and

They divided among themselves the second place equally, so the third won’t be here. Again, only if you take the official from the plants. Here is the official Netac, here is the KingSpec.

You can speculate about the speed of read/write drive them all sorts of utilities, which, moreover, shows still a different speed. But this is my rating based only on the experience of the mass of deliveries and the number of rejects.

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In the work of all will be felt at the same speed, the difference is all the same no one will notice. But, reliability is the most important operation of storage memory! Agree, all of us constantly neglect the safety of your data.

You’d be surprised how much in my life, I saw tears and frustration. Especially memorable were a couple of newlyweds. Just got back from his honeymoon took place, incidentally, was held in the Maldives.

The young husband just merged all the photos and videos on the SSD, rubbed the stick on my camera-the SLR and SSD-eshnik made such a badass. The bride was crying bitterly, even friends did not have time to show.