How to buy RAM for PC on Aliexpress

Let’s look at how to buy RAM and what better to take the RAM in 2019 for your computer or laptop on Aliexpress so not to overpay and to get the most effective results.

The contents

  1. It is important to remember always!
  2. Server options
  3. For replacement or adding

It is important to remember always!

First, a few key points about the «RAM». They need to always remember, whether it is remote buying in China or in your nearest home store:

  • If it is a working office computer or is designed only to work in Photoshop, the Internet, documents, etc., you can skip this paragraph. If we’re talking about a gaming machine, it is better to take, say, two bars on X Gigabytes than one GB on the 2X. In other words, the multi-channel mode shows itself better in games than a single-band, speed up boards by 50-70 percent;
  • To obtain the multi-channel mode do not have to take identical strips of RAM. For DDR3 and DDR4 according to JEDEC standard you can use different brand, capacity, frequencies, etc. thus, if the frequency is different, so it will use the slowest speed from inserted;
  • The RAM frequency is very important for multi-core processors and directly affects their performance. Many modern manufacturers have already inserted the «overclocking» RAM is already in the Bios. It remains only to choose the maximum option, and you can lift F to 50%;
  • Radiator, carefully pasted to the chip straps, it’s just a marketing ploy of some manufacturers and beautiful gadgets for aesthetes. Even during extreme overclocking with extreme voltage memory chips and no heat sink is not heated over 60 degrees, when they are about 80-90 and are quite the workers. That is why, even the developers gaming laptops not attached them to the heatsink of the laptop. Just producers decided to capitalize on some of the myths and make the appearance of a conventional plat «cool gaming»;
  • There is another myth that supposedly the latest processors from Intel (Coffee Lake) and AMD (Razen) can not work with DDR3, they only give a fourth of DDR. In fact, even in the specification, the developer specifies only the Quartet, they work fine with the «triples»;
  • When overclocking RAM, it is important to get the settings optimal balance between frequency and timings. Often with a lower frequency and lower latency works more productive than with a higher frequency and higher latency;
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But back to Aliexpress…

Server options

For anybody not a secret that recently the Chinese market fell out of a large number of processors and memory used in servers.

And if the servers they have are outdated and there needs to be other power, for the home user is a real find!

We have previously analyzed the question of picking such straps socket-x79, build a gaming computer on it and specialized Chinese motherboard LGA2011 Huanan.

So, if you are going to design a new home computer for gaming, and for work and surfing the Internet, we recommend you watch these related, so it will be much more profitable, at least in 2019 this situation and all the top gamers and nerds choose such a course.

For replacement or adding

If you just need to add or replace strips of RAM on an existing home PC, we recommend to watch prices on Aliexpress here.

Can choose well-known brands Samsung, ADATA, or Kingston. And if you want to save money, but get something all the same quality and even without the promoted brand, it is definitely KingSpec. In the same link above find them for the usual desktop computer and laptops.

And don’t forget to take two strips, say 4 Gigs instead of one to 8 Gigabytes!