How to buy a cheap blouse from chiffon — my experience

A few centuries ago from China carried silk. Time passed, and now the Chinese supply ladies around the world blouses made of synthetic silk and chiffon.

Aliexpress has it all: lace, silk, lurex, velvet, sequins, chiffon, and also amazingly graceful things made of those materials by Chinese tailors.

But overly fascinated by the selection of a Slavic woman, lurks one serious disappointment: the Chinese team is very small and graceful. Due to the low growth, they are not distinct forms: a small bust and an overly thin waist, short, for Europeans, hands and feet.

Therefore, choosing a blouse, I was faced with a disgruntled reviews Slavic girls. We bought our ladies, very cheap shirts were short sleeves. On the chest is a similar product does not converge, and therefore could not be buttoned.

The contents

  1. The choice of size for fat women
  2. Shipping
  3. Opinion

The choice of size for fat women

Examine reviews of girls I abandoned the idea to buy a blouse for two hundred rubles, and have concentrated all their attention on chiffon blouses for ten dollars, reviews on who were the buyers, only positive.

However, I didn’t want to risk ten dollars. So I sat in front of the computer and spend the whole evening, finally found a blouse, but for seven dollars cheaper just wasn’t there. The price was reduced by the seller, due to the small selection of colors. Colors were only four: red, black, dark blue and white.

I decided to stay on the dark blue blouse. Size, according to the advice of other shoppers, chose the XXL. Discount I was not allowed, but I did not ask about it. Bought here.

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The blouse was a month. Track to track on postal website, and one day, I saw on the computer screen the message: «the Goods sent to post office». Grabbing the passport, I immediately ran to the post. However, the employee office cooled my ardor by saying: «the Package arrived yet. Check her availability today and tomorrow».

Naturally, I started to object, saying that the railway station of our city, my parcel has already arrived, and was sent to the hospital. We employee long expressed dissatisfaction with each other and the work of the state address, but in the end, realizing that «I will stand up to the victory as our Stalingrad», the lady condescended to clarification of the number of my parcel.

After some time she called me and said that the parcel is indeed in town, but its mistakenly sent to another post office. By the end of the day my parcel was taken on above me, on the site Aliexpress and Department.

One little problem: figuring out the location of the parcel, the lady from the post office asked me its contents. Apparently, hearing the phrase «Chinese blouse», employee mail could not resist the temptation to look inside the package with Aliexpress.

So the package I got already torn, with a through hole. However, I was indignant, writing off the hole in the packaging on a normal woman’s curiosity, especially that blouse was not injured.

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I recently faced one of the post nuance described by other buyers on the Aliexpress: package can, as if by accident, to give mail to the wrong buyer. Those who paid money for it, get upset, start blaming the Chinese sellers and demand a refund.

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And the sellers are not to blame – just someone from staff email got another article of clothing for yourself or your loved ones. Unfortunately, the Royal mail is a reality. I think my blouse was getting ready to do the same — just a woman I’m, well, very persistent.

To protect yourself from the tyranny of employee email is only one way – if you buy a product from one seller in the amount from twenty dollars and up. In this case, the parcel from China to be registered, and such shipments should be emailed to staff very accurate.

About size I will say that the reviews of buyers were truthful, and with the purchase of a chiffon blouse, I know your Chinese size. The difference between the Russian and Chinese size is 7-10 cm And the Chinese size is always bigger than Russia.

By the way, the blouse was opaque, and the office is not made of chiffon, and thin viscose. I wear it with pleasure. The Chinese – thank you so much for tracking postal tracks. Again, taking the product from this seller.