House for cats in the form of a pineapple

I have selected and searched on the websites beautiful and unusual house-sleeping-couch for your beloved cat!

Where to buy

Ali is full of diverse options, but for me when choosing a cat «bed» was very important the size! Opted for this lovely pineapple not just.

First, hooked, course, design, I love unusual things, but there is also a sleeping place for a pet.

Secondly, pleased that the house removed a pillow that can be washed.

Thirdly, it is light enough and warm inside. It is made from foam rubber and soft synthetic suede.

Took on Aliexpress from the seller Petminru, but not on the main page, and here on this.

At the time of ordering a house-pineapple cost about 20$ (1148,09 rubles). Sent ordering the usual Chinese mail, a package came in somewhere around 3.5 weeks in the Orenburg oblast.

Packed the sunbed was in a simple plastic bag, but no damage I saw.

Quality and opinion

Of the minuses: the house came terribly wrinkled and even after 6 months still do not want to take their correct form — look at the photo above. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that some seams are not stitched very smoothly.

Also came with both plastic, but after a night on the balcony the smell was gone. Since my baby is not small (weighs about 8 lbs) I ordered a size 43х43х50 see, the size went perfectly, but unfortunately the cat did not appreciate it. Don’t know why… She’s picky and many don’t like her. If not loved, then surely it will not sleep.

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In General, the order I was satisfied, but the cat will pick up still another lounger. Once again, take on this page on Aliexpress. If you apply the cashback EPN, you can save five percent of the cost. Still I can recommend a great toy for cats Cats Meow is a new Chinese invention. Is a tailed, four-legged for a few hours, and they stay!