Hot glue gun NEWACALOX

Glad I bought this hot melt glue gun brand NEWACALOX. The model comes in several colors, I liked the white. Delivery fast, came in 18 days. The kit includes the 21 gun and glue sticks. Took on Aliexpress official here.

Was smaller than I thought, but it does not prevent, but rather with small details became easier to work with. Yes, it looks nice.

In operation this hot melt glue gun is simple. Heats up in about 3 minutes. From him no peculiar smell when it is running. Glues great, I took to work with bears of roses. For a bear of 15 cm was used for 4 of the rod. All keeps well.

The handle is very soft, easy to Press and nice. The narrow nose helps to glue in the narrow areas. The glue hardens in about twenty seconds. During this time, you can correct your work.

Cools down fast. Drops don’t flow. Convenient stand on which the gun is steady. Long wire, which is very convenient. There is a green indicator and a small red switch.

This glue is worth the money, and maybe even better. I suggest all of it! It is suitable for adhesive work or for a gift handy!

From the bottom I’ll leave a picture of my hot glue gun with glue sticks and the bear, which I made using it. Again, I bought it on Aliexpress at the official representative NEWACALOX here on this page.


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